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How Long Do Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Last

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Find Best Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Mattresses are one of the essential constituents in one's home as well as lifestyle. Those have evolved with the evolution of technology to provide the utmost comfort to the users. One important kind of mattresses is foam mattresses. Foam mattresses are highly popular as they offer total body support, last for years and cancel out motion. Gel memory foam mattresses are foam mattresses that are made of a material called viscoelastic, and gel foam mattress is infused with gel for more refreshing sleep and assists significantly in pressure relief too. Gel memory foam has one highly important characteristic feature – i.e. the therapeutic properties offered by it. It has the power to heal the lower back pain and also helps in alignment of the spinal cord in a right straight line.


Characteristics of long-lasting memory foam mattresses

The lifespan of a cool gel foam mattress depends on the type of foam used, the number of layers in the mattresses, thickness, and density of each layer, properties of the foundation layer, and construction strength. Yet, on average, these mattresses can last for ten to fifteen years. The role of each factor in affecting the lifetime of the mattresses is as follows: 

gel memory foam mattresses

gel memory foam mattresses


The density of the layers

Higher the thickness of the layers, the higher is the resistance to all the stress factors. This resistance is due to the fact that body weight is distributed equally along the entire length, width as well as depth with the help of other supporting layers. Hence, the stress laid on individual layers is relatively lesser that results in a higher life of the mattress.


Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is a measure of a maximum stretching extent. Reaching the breakdown point takes greater time in a high-density layered mattress than low and medium density mattresses. Thus, the high-density mattresses can carry more weight per unit of volume (substantial tensile strength) and at the same time last longer.

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ILD rating 

Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) is the weight/ pressure required to compress a mattress to a depth of 4" by compressing 4" by 25%. Higher ILD rates mean that the bed has more weight carrying capacity, higher firmness that holds the body without sinking in, which consequently results in a greater lifetime. Gel mattresses have low ILD rating, and thus modern mattresses have polyurethane (PU) memory foam in Gel mattresses, and the whole weight is always transferred onto the PU layer. Gel offers softness for the body, while the PU memory foam provides the firmness that leads to a greater lifetime. 

gel memory foam

gel memory foam

Final words

The lifespan of the finest range of high-quality cool gel foam mattresses is affected by the aforementioned factors, most importantly, out of others. But, yet they can have a longer life of even more than fifteen years when one follows certain simple yet effective preventive and maintenance procedures. Vacuum, spraying antifungal and anti-infectious sprays, cleaning agents without moisture (example, vinegar) and drying the foam are all great methods for longer lifetime of the mattresses. Thus, it all lies in one's hands to have a longer lifetime.







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