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Your Guide To Buying Toilet Partitions Los Angeles

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Having great restroom facilities, such as cubicle restrooms and restroom lockers isn’t just a good business strategy. It’s also a regulatory requirement, especially in many countries. Investing in toilet partitions Los Angeles may be a good idea for your business if you don’t have them yet.

Running a business isn’t easy, especially with the number of extensive tasks and the deadlines you need to meet. But two things remain important, regardless of what you do: making a profit and keeping your employees satisfied. And you may not realize this but the nature of restroom facilities is one of the big factors that can affect the job satisfaction and the morale of your employees. If you’re thinking about investing in toilet partitions, then continue reading. You’ll learn everything you need to know before you buy toilet partitions Los Angeles.

Why invest in toilet partitions Los Angeles?

Providing employees with high-quality and adequate toilet facilities may have been very expensive in the past, but that isn’t the case anymore. Revolutionary toilet design technologies have brought down the costs for purchase and installation, and they continue to drive the introduction of newer features and designs to suit everyone’s needs, décor, design, and style preferences.

Below are reasons why you need to invest in toilet partitions:



Single-occupancy toilets pose an inconvenience, especially for families with elderly people and children who need assistance in the toilet. Therefore, it’s important to have toilet partitions, especially if you receive families at your premises regularly. Examples of such businesses include supermarkets, restaurants, healthcare centers, movie theaters, and other establishments.


Improved hygiene

Using a single toilet in your company may not warranty perfect hygiene. For example, in the case of a single-stall washroom, if one visitor makes a mess, it will affect the entire area. However, on the flip side, a multi-stall restroom with toilet partitions is so much easier to clean and maintain, especially if you’re using modular commercial toilet partitions with an anti-bacterial laminate coating.


Accommodate more visitors

For businesses that accommodate a large number of visitors every day, having single-occupancy toilets would be impractical. It’s also a very costly affair. In addition to that, making your visitors stand in the queue is one of the last things you want to do as a business.

Also, if your toilets are occupied by visitors, then your employees are going to have to wait, which can greatly affect their productivity. Because of this, it’s safe to say that toilet partitions Los Angeles are necessary for different commercial setups.


Adapt for Specially-abled

As a company owner, it’s your moral duty to know about those who have mobility issues who visit your establishment. Single-occupancy toilets aren’t equipped with any special accessories that can make it more convenient for specially-abled people.

However, customizable toilet partitions will allow you to construct and design separately accessible toilets, in compliance with the ADA requirements, for specially-abled customers or visitors.

Things to do before buying toilet partitions Los Angeles

Before you start browsing through all the available options and asking experts for help, you shouldn’t forget to do some groundwork. This will definitely help you establish what you need to best cater to your employees, club members, or students, whatever the case is. There are different parameters that should rank high on your checklist, which includes the following:

  • Resistance to water, high temperatures, and humidity
  • Resistance to gems and agents that are used for cleaning
  • Resistance to abrasion and high wear
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Emergency opening feature
  • Fresh and wide collection of colors
  • Noise-deafening system
  • Ample room space


To further help you choose, below are some the key factors you need to consider when choosing a commercial toilet partition material:

Fire code

In Los Angeles, standards about fire safety and construction as well as model codes are stated in the building codes and standards. Thus, adherence to these codes is critical, as many corporations need to comply regardless of any governmental policy. Aside from exterior fire safety codes, the fire codes will apply to interior materials, too. Any prudent interior designer or architect will have to follow such standards, inside out.


Building type

Knowing the building type can help you choose the right toilet partitions. It can help you form a baseline for choosing a partition material, depending on whether the facility is prestige, standard-use, or heavy-traffic. Different factors come into play because different types of buildings receive different amounts and sizes of foot traffic. Once you’re able to identify these factors, it will be easier for you to decide which kind of materials you need to get in terms of cost and durability.

  1. Prestige buildings. These types of buildings include class-A office projects, corporate headquarters, major universities, and civic centers. They receive moderately low traffic and are used lesser than other commercial establishments. Because of this, they need quality equipment and materials which are perfect to showcase architectural design excellence.
  2. Standard-use buildings. Standard-use buildings include healthcare centers, commercial office facilities, manufacturing plants, and hospitality projects. The bathrooms in these types of buildings receive moderate to heavy traffic and are prone to some vandalism. Because of this, they need to have materials that are typically price-driven.
  3. Heavy traffic buildings. These types of buildings include amusement and recreation facilities, shopping malls, schools, and transportation centers. Because of the heavy traffic they receive, the chances of vandalism are high. Because of this, the materials used should be highly durable, but at the same time, inexpensive.


Buying toilet partitions Los Angeles

Regardless of your environment, Toilet Partitions Los Angeles has your back, figuratively, and literally. They provide materials that are specific for your conditions, whether you’re in the moist tropical environments of Hawaii or the deserts of Nevada. When you use their toilet partition pricing tool, you’ll be able to see the pricing on 5 materials on the same quote so you can compare and decide which option will best suit your project needs. If you want to know more about Toilet Partitions, contact them now!







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