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What To Include Inside An Electrical Installation Condition Report

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Having the responsibility of the health and safety of the employees, customers and premises of a company is a matter which should not be taken lightly. Indeed, that is why there is so much legislation, guidance and training around it because if it is not done correctly, there is a significant risk to life, not to mention the financial risk too. 

In all aspects of health and safety, there are specific processes to follow and certain criteria to meet, often necessitating specific documentation to provide. One of these is an electrical installation condition report

What is an electrical installation condition report? 

This is a formal document which must be produced after the electrics of a property (and the installation of them) have been inspected. This inspection must be carried out by an employee or a contractor who is a fully qualified electrician and is still certified as such. 

The inspection should detect anything which is currently causing an issue or is likely to in the future. That way, the company can rectify any problems as soon as possible to avoid damage and potential injury. It also acts as a record of what was safe at a given point in time and will dictate when the next inspection is due. 


What sort of testing usually takes place? 

The inspection should cover a visual appraisal of the electrical elements of the business, including all wiring such as switches, boards, panels, sockets, air conditioning and small appliances. It should absolutely include the physical testing of all the systems and elements too. It is helpful for the inspecting electrician to have access to a full diagram of the system in advance also. 


What should an electrical installation condition report include? 

The final document should include all of the following details, filled out thoroughly as it is necessary to have an accurate picture of the condition of the electrics:

  • Details of the business inspected and the details of the inspection itself
  • Full and clear details about the system in place and all the components which are in use in the business
  • Full details of all the tests carried out, any problems which arose, any barriers to their completion and the positive results of them all.
  • A description of any limitations of the testing, for example, were any areas out of bounds or inaccessible? 
  • A summary of the system and its condition overall including the visual inspection that needed to occur
  • A report which stipulates what actions must be undertaken and by when, as well as any other recommended measures that should be considered 
  • Signature of the qualified electrician who undertook the inspection, verifying its validity 


Proper evaluation of the electrical systems of a business is of paramount importance to preserve the safety of staff and customers and also to avoid damage to property, machinery and even stock that might be held there. Electrical issues are a key cause of fires in the workplace, so ensuring your inspection schedule is up to date can minimise the risk of them. 







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