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DIY Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

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air conditioner

air conditioner

Having your air conditioner serviced by a professional can be a costly investment. There will be times when this is your only option, but there are plenty of times when a simple troubleshooting will restore your system to its optimal functions. Often the issues that need attention can be addressed yourself.

The smallest problems can leave your air conditioner out of commission. But, it would be a sad mistake to pay a technician a small fortune just to come over and flip the breaker. To avoid calling in the professionals unnecessarily, there are some easy checks that anyone can perform. A simple troubleshooting can save you plenty of cash as well.

In fact, recent statistics in the US shows that only 42 percent of homeowners seek help from a professional to perform their air conditioner maintenance. The following are some of the things you can check if you notice your air conditioner is not running optimally or not at all.

1. Inspect your breaker

If you notice that the power light is off, you may have to flip the breaker back on. The circuit breakers are designed to shut off when overloaded. If you are powering several appliances from the same circuit, the breaker will trip and the air conditioner will not receive power function. This is often the most common problem and is easily resolved.


2. Have a Filter Change

Air Con company, Directappliancerentals.com.au says, “a filter change is an often overlooked aspect of AC maintenance, but it is a very simple process and can ensure your AC functions efficiently.” They explain, “if the filters have not been cleaned in some time they can become clogged with airborne particles and dust. This prevents the smooth flow of air through the cooling unit. This can even lead to ice blockage in some cases. Be sure to check your filters regularly to avoid this issue.”

air conditioner repairment

air conditioner repairment

3. Examine your thermostat

The thermostat controls the temperature adjustments. If the thermostat is battery operated, it can function poorly if the batteries are drained. Make sure the temperature setting is just below room temperature. Some of the latest AC units have complex interfaces and displays so make sure you understand them clearly by reading the owner’s manual. If your room is not cooling, you might have the mode set to “Fan” instead of “Cool”. Settings on some units can switch automatically.


4. Allow ice to melt

Ice can build up at specific points in the air conditioner and impact its proper function for the worse. Luckily, this is easily resolved. Simply shut down the unit or switch to “Fan” mode to allow the ice to melt as quickly as possible.


5. Clean it well

There are numerous reasons why air conditioner repair checks are essential.  You can either call in a professional to repair the system or just see if  your air conditioner may just need a good cleaning. This is especially true for those cooling units operating in polluted and populated locations. Begin by shutting down and disconnecting the system from the power socket.  Carefully clean all you can from the outside, moving all dirt and dust buildup. If you can reach the condenser fans comfortably, go ahead and clean those as well. But be very gentle so they do not bend or break.


6. Check the ducts

If you are feeling lithe and active, crawl into the attic and check the conditions of the ducts. If air is not flowing properly through these air ducts, it could be that one of the registers is partially or completely closed. Otherwise, it could be that the ducts have become clogged and need to be cleared of dust, dirt and debris.

Next time your AC unit begins to malfunction, don’t panic and call the professionals. Save some cash and try to see if you can set things in order yourself. If you have addressed the points listed above and still have not seen any improvement in the AC unit’s performance, you may need to call in the professionals. For tasks like adding Freon and pinpointing electrical malfunctions, you will need a qualified technician.

Begin by addressing what you can and you may be amazed by your prowess. But, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals when you feel the need.  Regular professional maintenance is also a part of keeping your air conditioner working well into the future.







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