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Top 8 Reasons Why Air Conditioner Repair Checks Are Important

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Why Air Conditioner Repair Checks Are Important?

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

During summer, the environment gets hotter and this is where we are highly dependable on the air-conditioning system. We are always relying on air-conditioners whenever we goes, such as working, shopping, sleeping and even driving. A function and working units is important to provide us with comfort all day long.

Imagine yourself walking back towards your room while you are sweating heavily due to the hot summer days and hoping for a cool air-conditioners to chill your face and body. You tried to switch the button to “ON”, expecting cooling air, but nothing came out instead.

This scenario is commonly faced by many households. The main reason why this happens is due to the neglegence of their Air Conditioner systems. You may not feel the importance of it only when you truly experience this frustrating experience. This leads us to the next question, why should this frustrating event happen to anyone? This is avoidable if you pay attention to your Air Conditioner system and done checks frequently by a professional aircon repair company, it will greatly reduce the chances of breakdowns. If you have no idea of basic repair checks or just lazy, you could always engage a professional repair company to do the job for you.

In this post, we will be talking about the top 10 reasons why Air Condition repair checks are important and cover some tips that you could do yourself during the repair checks.

Why Air Conditioner Repair Checks Are Important Guidance

1. Staying Healthy


It is important that you and your loved ones can stay healthy and breathing clean air in your house. If your air-conditioner is clogged with dirt and dust, it can lead to various health issues. Some of the health issues that poorly maintained air-conditioning includes asthma and sometimes even allergies. Thus, through Air Conditioner repair, you are able to fix all those dirt that is heavily clogged. It will also improve the air circulation in your room as well.

2. Cleaner Air

Air Conditioners - A Brief Introduction

Air Conditioners - A Brief Introduction

Do you want to breathe in fresh air in your office or your home? Many may not realize that some Air Conditioner issues such as freezing will cause air problems, resulting in air full of dirt, bacteria and pollutants. By having your air-conditioning repaired will ensure that you are breathing clean air from your units.


3. Prolong Air Conditioner Lifespan


Air Conditioner units works the same like other machinery where repair works are necessary to keep your units running at top efficiency. No matter how much you paid for your units, it is useless if you do not maintain or repair it when necessary. A qualified Air Conditioner repair technicians will ensure all the components and parts are checked and ensure they are running at top-notch conditions. This will not only prevent breakdowns issues, but also prolong the lifespan of your issues by identifying and fixing potential problems early. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

4. Reduce Major Malfunctions Issues

Air Conditioner- Smell

Air Conditioner- Smell

I am sure most of the households hates it when they are facing malfunction issues as it will mess up your schedule of the day and causing your mood to be bad. An Air Conditioner system that doesn’t do any repair checks and works are prone to breakdown issues as many problems are actually avoidable. When the units are poorly maintained and no checks are made, those small issues could potentially turn into a major malfunction issue. One of the examples will be overheating of your system where it will cause your unit to stop operating. This could be prevented through checks where the repairman could fix it before it escalating into a bigger problem.

5. Save Cost in the Long Run

If you think that Air Conditioner servicing is expensive, your electricity and repair bills may be even higher in the long run. A unit without regular maintenance can cost you more such as higher electricity bills, as well as high repair bills if there is major repair required due to poor maintenance. Small issues that are not aware can eventually lead to major issue that leads to breakdown or malfunction problem. With malfunctioning Air Conditioner or reduced cooling efficiency, you can expect your electricity bills to increase.

6. Saving Money in the Long Run

How To Save Money

How To Save Money

If you think that repair works are costly, you should think twice again. The cost-benefit from repair work is far more than what you expected. By repairing your unit, you will be able to continue the operations of your units and able to extend the lifespan of it as compared to ignoring it and causing bigger issue. Eventually, you would need to change a complete new set of aircon system which may be 5 or even 10 times more expensive than the repair works. New air-conditioning system are not cheap which you should always prevent such issue from happening, if not you will be experiencing expensive replacement cost. Hence, you should always get a professional to conduct a repair checks and ensure all problems are fixed before it turns into bigger problems.

7. Be Eco-friendly


Another common issue faced by households are refrigerant leakage where it will release HFCs which are extremely harmful to the environment, promoting global warming. There are cases where technicians are able to recycle such gases from the machine, preventing unnecessary usage of the refrigerant. To prevent such leakage from happening, checks can be made by the qualified Air Conditioner repair company where they will be able to identify potential leakage and get it fixed as soon as possible, reducing the effect to the environment. Despite there are new air-conditioners using R32 refrigerant gas where it replaces other gases, including R-22, R-410A, but it is still not completely eco-friendly. Hence, it is important to prevent such leakage issues by servicing your units regularly.

8. Manufacturer’s Warranty Requirements

Different Air Conditioner manufacturers have different warranty requirements and condition. However, some require households to engage frequent Air Conditioner repair checks on their system to ensure the condition of the units are well-maintained. On average, manufacturers of the air-conditioner will have a 3, 5 years or more warranty period for some of the components of your system. However, there are different requirements that are explicitly stated in the terms and conditions when you are purchasing your units. Thus, make sure that you read those terms properly and abide to it so that you could enjoy the warranty when your Air Conditioner start facing some issues.

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There are many benefits by ensuring that your air-conditioners are serviced and maintained regularly. There are many ways you could maintain the system, either do it yourself or simply, engage a professional HVAC company to maintain it for you.

This post is contributed by Wei Wei Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd, a professional Air Conditioner servicing and repair company in Singapore for more than 25 years. The address is 451 Jurong West Street 42, #01-180, Singapore 640451. The hotline is +65 6567 7698.





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