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The Professional Guide To TV Wall Mounting | TV Wall Mount Stand

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The Professional Guide To TV Wall Mounting: You would not find many homes without a television. However, you would find many differences in the setting of TV within a house. A TV in a bedroom is a relatively modern concept because when it first came around, one would find it only in the living room. It would be at a place somewhere everyone gathered around to watch a game or a speech. You would have seen it on a small table or a trolley in one corner of the room in old pictures or movies.


Many people today would not even know that two decades ago, a TV that is the feature of every home was nothing like it that we know now. We all are familiar with the flat-screen concept that can be placed anywhere in the house without taking up a lot of space. It is not the case with a flat-screen. A slight jolt can make it fall and thus damaging your screen. The TV wall mounting is a great solution to prevent this from occurring. You do not need to be an expert to mount a TV on the wall; but you have to be agile, handy with tools, and aware of the basics of TV wall mounting.

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Let’s go over how you can mount a TV on the wall like a professional.


Consult the TV manual

First of all, you should go over the TV manual to be acutely aware of the TV specifications. Several factors may influence the TV wall mounting, and to get the required material and equipment, you must be mindful of the TV weight, diagonal length, size of the threaded holes, etc. Once you are aware of the details, then you can better decide on the location where you want to mount your television.


The Wall Condition



Mostly it is recommended that you should only use drywall for television mounting. The reason is the flat, neutral covered surface that allows for easy installation. The wall should be in a condition that it could easily support the weight of the television and endure the drilling without any damage. You should also check carefully if the wall is waterlogged. It can loosen the mount or damage the cables. The wall that you select to mount your TV should be in good condition.


The drywall is not the only option available to mount your TV, you can also do it on a brick wall, though it can be a little tricky.


Room Position

Living room decor

Living room decor

In addition to the wall condition, the location within the room is also essential for a TV wall mount installation. You would, of course, want the TV to be somewhere in a place where it can be viewed comfortably from any angle. Ideally, the wall around the TV should be empty so that there are no distractions. The TV mounted on a neutral-colored wall at an appropriate height is the ideal setting in a room. Neither will it cause a neck strain or eyestrain.


Go Through a Tutorial

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How To Install Antenna To Increase Home Value

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If you are not hiring experts for your TV installation, then go through a tutorial before buying materials and mounting the television. A video depiction of the process will help you get better acquainted with the details of the installation. You can watch different tutorials to get a good idea about the procedure. Just try not to overdo it as it can end up making you confused. When you know which type of wall you are going to mount your TV on and the room location, then find an appropriate tutorial. Stay away from confusing and complicated tutorials.


Wall Mounts/ Wall Brackets

White wall upgrades

White wall upgrades

Decide what kind of wall mount will suit you best. You can choose from a fixed wall mount, a tilting wall mount, and a swinging wall bracket.

  • If you wish to save space and your room setting is such that there is one specific place that can accommodate the viewing audience, then it is best to opt for the fixed wall bracket. It takes minimal space, and you have to decide on an appropriate place and height on the wall. A TV mounted on the wall with a fixed bracket appears like a painting on the wall.
  • Tilting wall mount takes up a little more space than a fixed wall mount. If you use this wall bracket to mount your television, it allows the TV to be tilted up and down. If you are watching the TV from the floor, you can tilt it downwards. Another advantage of this wall mount is that reflection and light irradiation can diminish.
  • The swinging wall bracket makes it easy to adjust the TV screen in any direction you want. It need not be only forward-facing, you can rotate the TV in any direction of the room. It takes up a lot more space than other TV brackets, but it makes it easier for you to enjoy the TV experience from any corner of the room.


VESA Standard

While mounting the television on the wall, you also have to take care of the VESA standard. VESA is the Video Electronics Standards Association, and their guideline states a standard distance between the screws on the wall bracket and the threaded holes on the TV.

  • Decide on the place and height to mount the TV
  • Check the TV specifications from the manual
  • Consult the VESA standards
  • Purchase the required wall bracket. In addition to the type of wall bracket, you should also consult the vertical and horizontal distance of the four threaded holes on the back of your TV. It will help you select the correct wall bracket.
  • Drill the holes according to the measurements.
  • Fix the bracket to the wall with the screws.
  • Use a spirit level to check if its adequately aligned. If not, you have to adjust it to its degree.
  • Attach the other half of the bracket to the TV.
  • Now you can fix the TV to the wall bracket.


Your TV is not safe from playful children and clumsy adults! If you want to take care of the TV cables as well, then get a cable duct and manage the wires easily.





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