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In Florida, wind damage insurance is not a requirement by the state. However, it is essential to have it done because the state is regularly faced with strong winds, hurricanes, and other storms. There are several wind insurance companies in Florida; however, there are variations in their services and their rates.

The differing rates are partly dependent on where your home is located as beachfront property owners have the least options available and the highest rates. It also depends on whether you purchased coverage as a separate policy, the insurer you choose, your home's value, and how your house is built. For example, wind insurance for an expensive beach house in South Florida will be more costly than the same wind insurance for a small home farther north. 

A strong wind can have a devastating effect on your home or property, especially if the insurance company is not cooperating. Hence, the need for a competent Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney

Wind in Florida can cause the following and even more:

  • Broken windows 
  • Roof damage, destruction of shingles and gutters
  • Damage to the home's walls, porches, and outer buildings. 
  • Harm to boats, cars, and other vehicles 
  • Fire damage from downed wires
  • Damage from projectiles 
  • Moisture damage. 

Sincerely, there is no limit to the amount of damage wind can cause to your house or property. This can be devastating. More devastating is your insurance company unwilling to provide you with the financial assistance you deserve due to the damage or complete loss you have suffered. 

The insurance company might decide to delay payments, make partial payments, or outrightly reject the claims you expect them to pay after the emotional toll the wind damage has caused. However, with a competent Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney, they can never get away with it.

Some of the tactics insurance companies use on policyholders to avoid paying them after wind damage include but are not limited to the following:

  • Citing pre-existing damage before the wind storm to avoid payment: The insurance company can claim that certain things in your home were destroyed not due to the wind storm but before the wind storm began. 
  • Delaying claims when it is close to the deadline: One of the insurance companies' tactics is to delay claims when it is close to the deadline. That way, you will have very little time to act or even use the service of a Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney. 
  • Denying payments for repairs they consider unnecessary: Your insurance company can refuse to make payments for repairs they consider unimportant. These could be even important to you, but that is the least of their worries.
  • Insisting policyholders provide unnecessary paperwork and documentation before payment: Another tactic of insurance companies is to ask policyholders to bring documents that are irrelevant to the wind damage and threaten not to pay them without it. By the time the policyholder searches for such irrelevant documents, the deadline for the claim filing could have passed. 
  • Claiming the damage that occurred was not included in the policy: To avoid making payments, the insurance company can argue that the damage that occurred was not included in the original policy. 
  • Underpaying the value of claims: Even if the insurance company eventually decides to pay the policyholder, they might not pay such a person in full. They would do this by reducing the payment that should be given for each damage. 



With all that has been stated above, you do not need a soothsayer to know how vital the services of a Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney is. Especially for someone that stays in a state that is regularly faced with strong winds, such as Florida. 

With a competent Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney from Louis Law Group, you do not have to worry about whatever tactics your insurance company tries to use because you would rest assured that your attorney would make sure you get all you deserve.



It is only wise to take critical steps after wind damage. Chances are your Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney would brief you on the steps. However, it still does not hurt to know them. They include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cover up your damaged property. After the wind storm, you will want to cover all your damaged property with a tarpaulin sheet. This is important to prevent water intrusion or further damage as the insurance company is ready to cite any reason that would make them avoid paying you. If they claim that your property became more damaged after the wind, they can blame you for the damage and undervalue your claim. 
  • Document everything. Another thing you should do immediately after a wind storm is to document every damage that occurred. You can take pictures and videos of your property, however, when doing this, you will want to get every part of the house in the photos and videos. Make sure to document every corner and side, including different angles of the rooftop. Also, make sure you take detailed pictures of the interior of your house. While taking photos and videos, make sure you keep a detailed written inventory of damaged property as it would also help support your claim.
  • File your insurance claim promptly. One of the things you do not want to do after wind damage is to take time before filing your insurance claim. Delay in filing your claim after wind damage means less chance of winning the claim. And you do not want this now, do you? So, you need to act fast!



Winning a wind damage insurance claim still boils down to one thing: a competent Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney. So, you want to employ the services of one here.







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