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Do Windows Improve The Security Of Your Home?

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Windows will help to improve the appearance and security of your home. Well designed and placed windows will have your house looking beautiful on the outside, and give you a nice ambiance on the inside. Custom aluminum windows in Perth have specially made custom screens that can provide you with a bit of security. They can also replace your old worn-out windows and replace them with quality new ones at an affordable price. They have various designs including blindfold, awning, sliding, and double-hung window replacements. While windows won’t secure your home, there are ways in which you can do that without having to compromise that good look of your house.

Install Motion-Activated Lights

As part of your home security system, you can install security lights sensitive to motion. These lights are especially effective at night. They light up when they detect any movement. Such lights should be bright enough to startle would-be intruders.


Install Sensors and Break in Detectors

Burglars can attack at any time, though most burglaries occur at night. When you install these detectors and sensors, they activate the alarm and notify security agencies in case of an intrusion. These security devices are an effective means of deterring would-be burglars.


Lock Windows

Lock your windows anytime you leave the house or when you go to sleep at night. Sometimes security is not about securing windows with iron bars, but simply taking measures that do not invite petty burglars to your home. Most burglaries occur because a passerby saw an opportunity to sneak into your house and pick some stuff. If you do not present such opportunities, you will prevent a lot of minor burglaries.


Install Secure Locks

Even as you add beautiful windows to your homes, make sure they have secure locks that are difficult to open from the outside. With such locks and glass sensors, you will make it very difficult for anyone to access your house through your windows.


Remember to Lock Your Garage

Many times we forget to lock our garages after we finish working there. It has become a popular access point with many thieves as a result. It is good that we always leave the garage locked since even if thieves do not manage to access your house through it, they can steal your valuables as well in the garage.


Secure Your Fence

Depending on your neighborhood, you can decide either to have a high rise wall fence with a razor and electric wires to keep burglars at bay, or keep it low to ensure that neighbors can see your house from a distance. If you are in a neighborhood where neighbors have raised fences, then it would make sense to raise and secure yours since neighbors might fail to see intruders getting into your house. If it is a neighborhood with shared communal spaces, then you may consider keeping your fence low so that neighbors can also see your house. Intruders would avoid exposure since most want to be discrete.



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