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Guidelines For Purchasing Industrial Style Bar Stools

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Do you love sleek, industrial-looking bar stools? You’ll find that these cool and contemporary-looking seats are the best way to decorate a bar or kitchen. If you’re considering buying one for your home, it’s a good idea to keep a few guidelines in mind. We’ve made guidelines for industry-style chairs so you can shop smartly.

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Why You Should Buy Industrial Bar Stools

Industrial bar stools look great in a home bar, kitchen, or industrial-style room. They come in various styles and wood finishes, and their clean lines give them a contemporary feel. They are great for homes that want to stick with the era of industrial design without compromising on modern styles.

Industrial bar stools are a fantastic investment in your home. They’re comfortable and stylish and made to look like they can withstand abuse. You’ll find that they’re very durable, but they also fit perfectly in most kitchens and bars. You’ll find that many of these styles are considered vintage or retro, which means you’ll get a unique look. The best thing about them is the fact that you won’t have to replace them for years at a time.


Measurement Guidelines

You’ll want to measure the available space in your home when selecting industrial style bar stools. For example, if you want a long seat, you’ll have to buy a larger seat. It’s important to consider how tall you are or how tall someone sitting down will be.

To measure the actual seat height, measure from the floor to the top of the seat. The height of your style should be based on the size of your countertop. If you have a smaller countertop, then select a taller style. The height needed may also depend on what surface you want the seat to rest upon, such as marble or slate.



Make sure the height is comfortable for you. If you’re short or tall, this may be a problem. You can adjust the height with a footrest. For instance, if you’re tall, you’ll need to find something 30″ or taller.



The width of your bar stool depends on what room it will be used in and how much space is available to set it up against the wall. To measure the actual seat height, measure from the floor to the top of the seat. To measure the actual seat width, you’ll want to measure from the highest point in your bar stool to where it meets another bar stool or a wall.


Construction And Seat Materials

You’ll have to consider the construction of each style before purchasing. The more robust the construction, the sturdier the construction of the bar stools. You’ll find that many of these pieces have a leg slide, which means they can be adjusted to fit a variety of heights.

Industrial style bar stools are usually made of metal and can be made in various colors. These stools feature very simply, sharp lines, making them great for contemporary homes. They come in two types: painted and powder-coated. There are some models with upholstery; however, these won’t work for every room because there may not be enough space to accommodate at least one footrest.



Metal is durable construction that resists dents and scratches very well. The material to construct the bar stool will depend on what you’re looking for. Aluminum is usually the most popular material and is much lighter than steel. Some models have a powder-coated finish, meaning they can be painted or stained to match any color scheme.



Wood is another option and will always be a great way to match any type of budget. You can also get unfinished wood to stain, paint or cover up in a different color. Industrial bar stools are often made with wood as well. These come in traditional bar stool styles like oak and pine. Some are hand-crafted and made out of materials like rattan. These stools can be a great fit for any home; however, they’re a little more difficult to clean than metal models, so you’ll have to consider this when purchasing them.


Vinyl Seat

Industrial style bar stools are also available with vinyl seats. The vinyl seats come in various colors and patterns, but some may not be comfortable for long periods. If you purchase a chair with a vinyl seat, make sure it is multi-tread because these seats only have a small amount of cushion. You’ll also want to ensure they have an adjustable height that fits your needs. Some have footrests too, which makes them more comfortable because they don’t have to be adjusted as often.



Upholstered models provide a little more comfort to your feet than vinyl models. They usually have a faux leather style and are made to look like leather. These are the most expensive styles and are not easy to clean. They are great if you want a unique look or something that will last a long time, but they may not work in every home setting because they don’t work well with other types of furniture.


Features And Style

You’ll find many styles of industrial bar stools on the market, but narrow-back models are the most popular. They’re usually used in commercial restaurants and have a very sturdy construction that is easy to adapt to commercial settings.

Most models have a leg sweep, which is the distance between the front and back legs of the bar stool. This gives you additional space when you need it to get up or down easier. Some models may also have a foot rest or both, which makes them more comfortable even when you are fully seated.


The Bottom Line

Industrial style bar stools are typically made with metal and wood, however, there are some models available that have a vinyl seat. They are usually simply looking but feature sleek lines and offer your home a touch of industrial design. They’re great for homes that want to keep the traditional industrial look without compromising their current design style. Whether you live in an older home or a more modern house, these bar stools will look great anywhere.