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How GPS Fleet Tracking Saves Your Company Money

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Companies previously, and even now, relied on human tracking via radios and phones, or on basic systems with scant information beyond vehicle location. Although still functional, these antiquated systems can be costly, unreliable, and ineffective.

Many businesses that employ vehicles as part of their daily operations now consider modern, GPS-based fleet tracking to be an essential tool. These technologies not only make it easier to manage the entire logistics process, but they also provide several direct and indirect cost savings opportunities for your company.

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Fleet Tracking: What Is It?

Systems used to track the whereabouts and motion of vehicles are referred to as fleet tracking. Any organisation that uses vehicles in its operations, such as logistics companies, taxi services, and more, may use it. The most basic systems merely display vehicle location with frequent updates. However, more sophisticated systems might provide real-time locations, sophisticated information about projected arrival times, and other helpful features.


How Does Fleet Tracking nz Reduce Costs?

Technology for fleet management can provide a great return on investment. Here are some ways it might help your business save money.


1. Lower Fuel Prices

You may track things like driving behaviour, fuel use, and other things with the help of sophisticated telematics technologies found in many contemporary fleet tracking systems. This can provide you a thorough understanding of unique driving styles and assist drivers in identifying areas for development.

With this knowledge, drivers can improve their driving techniques by avoiding idling engines, minimising abrupt braking, restricting acceleration, regulating speed, and more. In many instances, this can directly result in increased fuel efficiency and a 10% reduction in gasoline expenses.


2. Vehicle Condition Warnings

Advanced vehicle health information, such as warning lights, error codes, engine issues, and more, can be provided through modern fleet tracking. Wherever your vehicles are situated in the world, this information may be sent in real time to a centralised computer system to provide your company with rapid feedback.

You can quickly stay on top of maintenance and address any problems before they worsen with the use of real-time vehicle health insights, lowering the likelihood of costly repair expenses.


3. Fewer Collisions

Proper fleet tracking can have a significant but underappreciated impact on accident rates. Driving standards are likely to rise when you have more knowledge on people’s driving patterns and where their cars are located, together with specific feedback to the drivers themselves. Accident rates will typically decrease as a result of this increase in driving standards.

Less accidents translate into cheaper repairs, shorter downtime for cars, and fewer driver absences. Additionally, it can safeguard your standing as a trustworthy, moral, and ethical company.


4. Reduced Insurance Costs

The effect that having a reputation for safety can have on your insurance premiums is a side effect of having a reduced accident rate. Fleet tracking is linked by insurers to improved driving practises, decreased accident rates, and an up to 50% decrease in insurance claims. Additionally, following pre-approved routes and always being aware of where your vehicles are can reduce the likelihood of theft. Therefore, deploying cutting-edge fleet tracking solutions can significantly lower your insurance prices.


5. Improved Fleet Utilisation

You can more effectively manage vehicle usage if you always have real-time data available for each and every vehicle in your fleet. Real-time GPS tracking, for instance, can assist you in using vehicles close to the target site in the most effective manner without deploying new vehicles when you experience a last-minute work or address change. This can lower the cost of labour, fuel, and administrative time.







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