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Exceptionally Handy Uses Of Wooden Dowels | How And Where To Buy These?

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How and where to buy wooden dowels? What are dowels used for?

Wooden Dowels

Wooden Dowels

Wooden dowels are an incredible tool for home projects because you can use them for a number of different things. You may have watched home remodeling shows and saw someone using dowels to hold furniture together. However, you can use dowels to do a number of things around that house that will make your life easier. Your home becomes a much more functional place to live, and you can solve problems around the house without any trouble.

Where Do You Get Dowels?

Uses Of Wooden Dowels

Uses Of Wooden Dowels

Wood dowels are available in a variety of locations depending on the size and style you would like. You could go to your local hardware store to get very large wooden dowels that could be several feet long and very wide. When the dowels are very long, they often do not have any fluting or ridges in the design.

You could go to a local craft store to get the smallest dowels because they could as short as an inch. You may use the dowels to complete crafts in the house, or they could be used for small repairs. Now that you know where to get your dowels, you can use them around your house in simple ways.

Towel Bars

When you want to have a simple and rustic towel bar in your bathroom or kitchen, you could use dowels that will stick out from the wall or a small frame that you have set up. You can get a very large dowel to hold towels in the bathroom or you could use small dowels to hold the wash clothes or hand towels in the kitchen. The same could be said for your oven mitts and handle covers.

Paper Towels Stands

You could attach a heavier down to a solid base that will create a paper towel stand for your kitchen or your bathroom. This is a very important part of managing your home because you need paper towels that you can easily access. Instead of buying an expensive stand at the store, you can make your own stand.

Toilet Paper Bars

You can use dowels as part of a toilet paper bar if your current bar does not fit into the assembly the way that it should. You can easily cut the dowel to the right size, and a smooth dowel will turn easily when you are pulling the paper from the rack.

Furniture Repair

Woodworking Dowels

Woodworking Dowels

You can use dowels in the traditional manner when you are repairing your own furniture. There are times when screws and nails no longer fit because the hole where they once sat it too big. Because of this, you need something that fits in that hole and holds everything together. You could slide a wooden dowel through both sides of the assembly to hold your furniture together. You could also use these dowels when you have cabinet doors that do not hold together or chairs where a screw never seems to stay in place. Tapping a dowel into the socket is much more effective because tension holds everything together.


You could make crafts for your home using wooden dowels, and you can buy wood glue that holds it all together with ease. If you are trying to create a rustic feeling in your home, a few small crafts made from dowels will be fun. You could also give the dowels to your kids and ask them if they would like to make a craft or two.

Lawn Care And Gardening



You can use wooden dowels in the garden as stands where your tomatoes or vines will grow. A wooden dowel is a very good host for your plants, and it will hold up to wind and weather because it is not flexible. You could also make signs out of your dowels that show what each plant or flower is. You could buy a large dowel that will be used to roll up your garden hose, and you may use a small rack filled with dowels to hold all your garden tools.

If you want to make a hat rack to use before you walk outside, you can create a plaque that will hold all your gloves, glasses, keys, and hats. You could even put one of these racks inside the front door so that you can drop off all your things before walking inside.

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There are a number of people who do not know how to complete their home projects because they have not discovered wooden dowels. When you buy your dowels online or in the hardware store, you will find the width and length that you need for each project. It is simple to complete home projects when you can buy your dowels, cut them to the right length, Nd repurpose them in different rooms so that you can live comfortably.





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