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How Much Does It Cost Soundproofing A Room? Soundproofing A Room DIY

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Cost Of Soundproofing A Room | How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply

Soundproofing A Room

Cost of soundproofing

Are you trying to put an end to the sounds coming from outside, is it a noisy neighbor or you are keen to have privacy in a room, the best way of blocking unwanted noise is by making the room soundproof.

​There are several soundproofing methods and they are associated with different costs. Do not worry; you need not be a millionaire to get a room soundproofed. However, consider these factors:

  • What is the structure type you wish to soundproof? Is it a timber lightweight stud wall or a solid brick wall?
  • Is the noise from a floor or wall, a ceiling or a combo of three?
  • What is the noise you wish to block? (TV noise, talking, dog bark)
  • The area requiring soundproofing

There is a need to understand the installation cost. The standard systems are installed by any local tradesman or as a DIY, but the complicated systems need expert installers. You may also check some other effective room soundproofing tips by quietlivity.com

Soundproofing A Room

Soundproofing a room


Soundproof a Room cost

The soundproof cost of a room at an average falls to $1650. These include materials for in and around $250, tools for $35, and labor ranging from $190 to $300. The other factors influencing the cost entails the room size, the material types used and the project complexity.

The project complexity is highlighted because a large basement soundproofing needs ceiling insulation and this costs more than a small bedroom soundproofing.


Soundproofing Options & Their Costs

Soundproofing A Room

Cost of soundproofing a room

Soundproofing is not restricted to one room. It may be a room or particular spots to seal the sound so that the noise stays out. The costs vary based on the need. Adding soundproof windows may cost per window around $950, but it may increase if your windows are specialty-sized or if you are looking for a soundproofing certain level. Even soundproofing of floor implies entire room carpeting and this may cost more than $1000. In case the room is carpeted already, you are saved of this cost.

Here is a breakdown of the soundproofing average costs:

  • Area of Home cost
  • Per window $300 to $1500
  • For each sliding glass door $1300 to $4000
  • Ceiling and walls $825 ( ceiling of 24sf and 50sf measuring room)
  • Floors $1080
  • Surround sound system $10,000

Setup of home theater with soundproofing options is the biggest variable. You may spend $10,000 or more for complete soundproof with the wiring. This will not trouble even your closest neighbors.


Material Costs for Soundproofing

Soundproofing A Room

How to soundproof a room cheaply

You have plenty of soundproofing materials options.  The prominent ones average costs include:

  • Carpeting cost per room around $1080 so that it absorbs sound. It also enhances the appeal of a room.
  • Curtains & Wall hangings costing $100 or less. This includes decorative rugs, hanging tapestries or soundproof curtains to cut or transfer sound.
  • Textured Wall Panels to absorb sound by sitting on the wall top, the cost varies.
  • Textured paint to absorb sound. This treatment includes a popcorn ceiling costing $226 to $274. However, this treatment has become outdated.
  • Foam insulation blocks sound by filling the space between walls. It will cost around $1.40/sf to $3.00/sf.
  • Acoustic foam can be used for floors, ceilings, and around walls. Cost may be from $10 to $100, based on the size.
  • Acoustic tiles cost per tile $10 and it covers wall or/and ceiling to deaden sound. ( 20x20 is the measure of each tile)
  • Drywall soundproofing cost is $40 a sheet. This is designed specially to be soundproof.

These are approximated prices without the installation labor costs.

​Top 10 Room Soundproofing Products Which Are Also Amazon Best Sellers

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DIY or Contractor

The soundproofing cost depends on whether you consider a DIY or wish to get it installed through a contractor. A DIY may need $2000 on an average to soundproof a room, wherein you save the labor fees of $300. Yet you will notice that you will spend on tools as it is not available readily with you as a contractor.

It is recommended to hire a contractor if the jobs involve swapping windows out, installing wall panels, installing insulation, placing spray foam between drywall, and so on. These are best done by professionals as they know the electrical and plumbing issues.  The DIY projects are best for adding textured paint or hanging drapes.





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