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What Should We Learn from Swedish Interior Designers? Interior Decoration Ideas

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Implement these successful, beautiful tried and tested Swedish Interior Designers Ideas, designing ideas

Swedish Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Scandinavian design has reached the West sometime in the 1950s but it has existed for much longer than that. Starting with the ‘50s, however, it began inspiring creators and designers across the world. This is mostly due to its beauty, simplicity and elegance. There’s a lot we can learn from the Swedish approach to interior design, especially now when there’s such an interest in the minimalist aesthetic and the benefits it brings to our lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that we need to copy Swedish design exactly, but to find inspiration in it.


1. Neutral colors

Neutral and calming colors are everywhere in the Swedish approach to design and there’s a reason why this is the case. These colors serve two main purposes. They present an empty canvas on which you could paint using the furniture and décor. With such a background, the colors and the design you’ve chosen will pop. Secondly, neutral and muted tones are also calming and these translate to the environment you’re occupying as well as to the occupants themselves. Have in mind that this also means that once you use a strong or a bold color, it will get noticed.


2. Lots of light

There’s a reason why Scandinavian designers care so much about making their homes well-lit. Winters are long and rather harsh in Sweden and there’s not enough natural light for a large chunk of the year. This is why Scandinavian homes have large windows and try to use all the sunlight they get. They are also fairly well-lit with artificial lights as well. This is done by adding lots of small accent lights. It should be more of an aesthetic guideline than a rule for us, since our climate is very much different. Large window frames do look beautiful in all circumstances, though.

Swedish Interior Designers

Interior Designing


3. Focal points

One interesting feature of Swedish design is a concept of focal points. Rooms often have one point, one item or one feature that defines them and around which the design revolves. For instance, when it comes to designing bathrooms, it’s usually elegant designer baths that play the role of this focal point. Standalone tubs look stunning and work well with any design while drawing attention to themselves. Even though these baths are a bit difficult to install and require some plumbing work to be mounted, they are still worth the investment, since they are both luxurious and the center of the whole bathroom.

Swedish Interior Designers

Interior decoration ideas


4. Wooden floors

Natural materials play a big role in Swedish design. This can mean a lot of different things in different circumstances, but in almost every environment, it means you can use wood as a construction material. It’s most noticeable in the use of wooden floors. White wood floors make the room seem brighter, more open, and neater overall. Have in mind that all of these are good things, but this also means that the shortcomings of your home will also be put on display and especially the shortcomings in your design.


5. Function matters

Function is more important than form when it comes to Swedish home design. Before you add any feature or item, you should consider how the room will be used. That way, you can design the room around its function. This doesn’t in any way lessens the aesthetic of the room, in fact, it amplifies its best features. Have in mind that this doesn’t mean there’s no place for art and décor in Scandinavian homes. The key is to decorate the room in layers and to leave these accents as the last layer after all the necessary items are placed.

Swedish interior design style is somewhat unique and it has affected many other European interior design aesthetics over the years. There’s a lot of ways to implement these principles in Western design regardless of what kind of aesthetic you’re trying to create and promote. Swedish interiors are usually minimalistic in design, have a lot of natural light and they rely on natural materials. Many of them also have a central focal point that centers the room. In the end, these homes are usually designed so that form follows function and if you can stick to this principle, you can add a little bit of Sweden to your property.

Swedish Interior Designers

Swedish Interior Designers


Interior Decoration Ideas, Tips, Remodeling

Swedish Interior Designers

Wall Art decor


1.  Light up the rooms:
2. Choose the Right Color:
3. Select the Right decoration items:
4. Wall Mount Racks:
5. Utilize the Corners:
6. Roll-Down Wooden Racks:
7. Storage under Furniture:
8. Wall Arts:


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Swedish Interior Designers

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Swedish Interior Designers


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