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Compact Modern Kitchen | Small Kitchen Design Ideas, Tips, Remodeling And Cost for Small Space

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Compact Modern Kitchen | Small Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Decorating your kitchen is as important as your home. A properly organized kitchen can make your works easier. If the decoration is good, you will feel comfortable to work there. But without the right design, you won’t get the feeling of satisfaction. Decorating your kitchen is as important as your home. A properly organized kitchen can make your works easier. If the decoration is good, you will feel comfortable working there. But without the right design, you won’t get the feeling of satisfaction, that's why a good remodeling contractor like ErasPro Remodeling & Renovation will be very necessary.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas is the place where you prepare the daily meals for your loving family members. So, it should be neat and clean too. But the fact is, when you got a minimal or compact space for kitchen, decorating it according to your preference could be tough. In this article, I am going to share how you could plan for an organized kitchen even if there is less space for designing.

Light up the Kitchen:

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

If your kitchen is not so big and it is straying dark, you will feel the kitchen is smaller. This happens because of inappropriate lighting. But solving the issue is not a big deal. The thing is, you have to find the proper lighting accessories so that you can make it brighter. There are different brands that produce kitchen lights. Find some of the brands that already popular in the market. Look in different products of them and make a list what you liked most. The next thing you should do is, compare the products with other brands and find which one is giving additional benefits and order that one.

Apply a simple trick when adding light bulbs in the kitchen. Never buy a single light with huge power. Instead, look for smaller lights with different colors and with more capacity. Now, use those lights in the corners of your room and light up the entire area. This will bring a modern look in the kitchen. A compact space will look bigger with lights.

Choose the Right Color:

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Besides adding the right light bulb, it is essential to choose the right color for the kitchen. As you have minimal space in the kitchen, choose some bold colors for the walls and the cabinets. This will bring a classy look and the kitchen looks bigger. For the best practice, combine different colors.

You don’t have to be an interior designer for this. Simply give preference to your choice. However, the color combination should be accurate so that it suits to your kitchen utensils.

Select the Right Kitchen Sink:

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern kitchens are the place where people do so many things including cooking. One of them is washing the dishes comfortably. For this, you need to find the best kitchen sinks with the advanced features. But the fact is, all the modern kitchen sinks come in a larger size and that may not suit your kitchen cabinet. Also, it will reduce the counter area.

But there is an amazing solution to avoid this issue. There are some kitchen sinks in the market that comes with sliding wood board on the top. The board is for use as a cutting and chopping board. So, once you have completed the works in the sink, slide the board and cover the sink. Now use the board for chopping. This will increase the countertop area. If you already have a kitchen sink, you can add the sliding board additionally. It doesn’t require much experience to install a wooden board. You can improve your sink area even further with Kitchen Splashbacks from Simply Plastics. They help mordernise and brighten up the space.

Wall Mount Racks:

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

When your kitchen is not so big, it is better to utilize the maximum area of the wall. If you search in online, will find there are tons of racks for storing pots and you can install them against the wall. They are easy to use and save space in the counter. To store the regular utensils, choose the hanging method. Wall hangers for pan and skillet are affordable and you will find them in both online and offline stores.

No matter if you can’t afford new wall mount hangers. You can make it yourself using small pieces of wood and magnet. Pain the wooden piece for making it more attractive. Even older furniture can be a good source for collecting wooden pieces.

Utilize the Corners:

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Most of the people make a common mistake when decorating a small kitchen. They only think about the cabinet. It is true that a perfect cabinet can be a good way to decorate the kitchen, but besides this, you should also give importance to the corners. If you use the corners of your kitchen in the right manner, it will add some additional space for the storage.

Use some wooden racks to set in the corners of the kitchen. Store the regular utensils on the corner racks. This gives faster access to the utensils. For a modern look, use a hanging light on those corner racks.

Roll-Down Wooden Racks:

There are some utensil and kitchen accessories that we use regularly. So, whenever we enter the kitchen for cooking, we need to use them. For those things, you can use the roll down wooden racks. Roll down racks are designed for sliding and saving space in the kitchen. Moreover, they look elegant. You can easily store lots of things once your work is completed in the kitchen. Again, when you need to use that space, move the utensils, roll up the rack and do whatever you want.

Storage under Furniture:

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

We used to put different furniture in the kitchen. That can be a table, stool, chair, and more. Did you ever think you can add that furniture for adding some extra space? Yes, if you check the table in your kitchen, will find there is enough space where you may add a smaller rack with drawer. Same goes for chair and stool. Add some wooden racks under the table, chair, and stool. This will save space and will give a different look.

Final Words

It is always better to ask for some expert help when you want to have the most elegant kitchen look. But if you can’t afford some extra bucks for this, follow the above guidelines. That will give a modern look to your kitchen and you can store all the essentials with less hassle.

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