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Have Your Roofs Professionally Done, Call Roofers San Rafael Now!

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If you are not sure about your roof’s condition, or is in the process of\ building your home and you want your roof to stand as long as it should, then it is crucial that you seek out the best roofers San Rafael can offer. 

Below are some of the things that you may want to consider hiring a roofer:

1. For roof installation or replacement

The lifespan of a roof is usually 20 to 50 years. After such period, the roof will definitely be going to require replacement. If you are now considering to have your roof replaced, the cost of replacement is usually going to range from $5,200 up to $10,100. This will still change depending on the type of material that you are going to use for the roof replacement.


2. For roof repair

If you are planning to have your roof repaired, then the cost usually runs from $350 up to $1,300. This will depend on the extent of damage that your roof has suffered. You can always choose to hire roofers in order to make sure that the repair are done correctly and can last for a long time.


3. For roof maintenance and inspection

If you want to extend the life of your roof, it is highly recommended that you hire professional roofers who are going to inspect and provide routine maintenance to your roof. This can usually cost you for about $200, so you may want to arrange the frequency of their services which will also depend on the material that is going to be used.

You should keep in mind that these companies, with emphasis on independent contractors, they are experts in roof repairs or replacement. So, a general installer may not have the ample experience when it comes to roof repair. Therefore, you should see to it that the services you hired are indeed knowledgeable with the materials that you have or what you want them to accomplish.


How to Find Reliable Roofers in San Rafael

  • Start your search

If you have no idea where to start your search, you can try browsing at reliable sources who will provide you with qualified professional roofers who are going to provide the services that you may be looking for.

You can also try to ask from your fellow homeowners for recommendations. If there are a lot of contractors who are interested in providing you the roofing services that you need, you can put in a screening process before you consider these contractors.

You can also check on reviews so that you will have an idea early on as to how satisfied past clients have been as to the services they have rendered.


  • Start talking to a number of contractors

It is recommended that you do not stick immediately to one contractor. You should at least talk to a number of roofing companies so that you will be able to evaluate those who can give you not only quality services but with hones and reasonable pricing as well.

You should be wary when it comes to those who bid at remarkably low or even excessively high price bids. These extremes can lead to poor decisions. If you choose the lowest, there is a chance that they may be using cheap quality materials.

The usual price range for a new roof installation is around $7,600, so you may start there and then work on your considerations as to the type of material and style before you arrive at the total price.


  • Check on the roofer’s references and experience

You should always ask each roofing company that you contacted for at least three references. This will help you in the verification process and follow through. This will also provide you a bird’s eye view as to how they do their work. So, if the professional that you contacted is hesitant or worse refuses to provide you the references, then you should look for roofing professionals at once.


  • Make sure that you closely review the contracts and the warranties

Before you sign everything, make sure that you have already read the terms and conditions and have put these to heat. Legitimate professional roofers are not going to be annoyed when you take the needed time to understand the terms that are stipulated in the service contract. Some may even be happy to sit with you in order to answer any questions or doubts that they may have upon reading the agreement. \

Another important consideration is for you to have a follow-up support whenever cases of emergency occur. The materials and the workmanship should have a 5-year guarantee, and the materials should come with a 20 up to 40 years of warranty.


  • See to it that you avoid wet seasons

Whenever you are scheduling for a job, you should avoid to have these jobs done during the rainy or snowy seasons. Aside from the hazard posed by these conditions, the process will be much harder to complete. If you are able to contact with professional roofers, they will usually provide you with the best time in starting the project.


I Now Have A Roofing Contractor, Now What?

  • Make sure that you cover your bases

Before they start working on the project, make sure that you are able to ask your contractor if they you are going to need special permits or not. There are contractors who are going to process the permits for you. You should also see to it that their employees are covered by worker’s compensation.


  • You should not pay the entire balance upfront

Although it is good to no longer think that you still have dues to pay for the roofing services, not paying the entire amount upfront will help prevent scammers from getting your money. The most common practice is to pay at least 10% as good faith deposit.

It is also recommended that you pay through credit card, because if ever disputes arises, it may be easier for you to recover your money without having to spend on expensive litigation.


  • Make sure that you choose a completion date

The completion date should be agreeable to both sides – you and the contractor.


  • Make sure to as for updated estimates

There are times when contingencies are going to arise, so the original estimate that your contractor provided you may change. With this, you should ask your contractor for documentation as proof and you should not sign if it seem that the items shown does not make any sense to you.



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