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How To Know If Your Roof Needs Repair

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If you’ve been putting off a roof repair for some time now or you’re trying to squeeze one more winter season out of your current roof, you should reconsider your decision. Or at least, you should check for these key warning signs that will tell you that it’s time to get your roof repaired or replaced. 

A damaged roof can be a real danger for your family and your property. For example, a leaky roof can lead to interior mold, slop and fall hazards, or even worse, fire hazard from water damage. What’s more, a damaged roof can compromise the entire structural integrity of your home.

So, before you decide that your roof is set for “one more year,” make sure to check for these signs that will indicate your roof needs to be repaired or replaced: 

Curled, cracked, or absent shingles

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your roof needs some repairing is noticing a few missing shingles. If you notice that your roof is missing a few tiles or shingles, that’s definitely a sign that you must call a roof repair company from your area. Check out crown crawly roofing they are expert roofers in Crawley.

A roof with missing or damaged tiles or shingles can be weak and cave in on you when you expect it the least. So, act quickly. 

Now, missing shingles or tiles typically require the replacement of the entire roof. First of all, the whole roof might be weakened by now, meaning that there’s a great chance for more damage to happen, and, secondly, because the new shingles will not match the color of your old roof. 


Water damage

Sometimes, you don’t even need to climb up your roof to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced because the signs will be right in your home, be it your bedroom, living room, or attic. 

If you notice some damp patches in your home, you may be tempted to believe that it is anything else rather than your roof’s fault- but don’t be so sure. Your assumptions might be true, and there might not be anything wrong with your roof. Yet, the signs might also mean that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired. Even the tiniest watermarks and mold might be very clear signs that water has seeped in from your roof, or that there might be a crack or a hole in your home’s roof. 


Mold and moss growth

Another clear sign that your roof might need replacement or at least some repairs is mold and moss. 

Old roofs gather dirt and debris, which create the perfect home for bacteria and algae, mold, and moss. And, the bad news is that if your home’s roof has mold or moss-grown outside of it, the tiles might have forced themselves apart, which has created a gap that allows water to get in. 

To make sure that lichen doesn’t damage your roof or hasn’t done it already, check for tiles that show signs of trapped moisture, rotting, or moss. If you find this problem, deal with it ASAP because bacteria and fungi could grow and cause water damage to your roof.


Your roof is more than 25 years old  

We know that every roof material manufacturer markets their shingles as something that will last forever. But that’s obviously just a marketing thing. Hot summers, snowy winters, and rainy seasons with high winds will wear down your roof sooner than any marketer predicts. 

If your roof is getting closer to be 25 years old, you need to get it inspected by professional roofers to make sure it doesn’t need replacement or repairs. Yes, you should get it checked even if it looks okay on the outside because, over time, leaks might have damaged the interior. 

It can take years until the roof starts to show signs of leaks, and by that time, the damage is a lot more severe and costly. Only an expert can tell you if your roof is getting heading rapidly to this problem. So, if your roof is 25 years old or older, get it checked ASAP. 


You find granules in your gutters

Roofing granules are a great advanced manufacturing technique that allows you to get whatever color, shape, or size you want on your roof while using asphalt shingles. 

Now, as the roof ages, some of these roofing granules come loose from the asphalt layer and start to fall, and you will be able to notice them in your gutters. 

If you’ve just got your asphalt roof installed and find granules in your gutters, you shouldn’t worry because this is normal. However, if your roof is more than ten years old and granules are shedding, this can be a serious problem. 

Roofing granules aren’t just a decorative accent to your roof. They also serve as an additional protective layer to your roof shingles and home from excessive sun exposure. That is why granular loss can mean a health problem of your roof. When granules start to fall, shingle deterioration is accelerated, meaning that more and more problems will arise with your roof. 


Curling shingles

Roof shingles don’t always break or fall. They can also curl because of weathering issues. In fact, there are two types of curling when it comes to roof shingles. The shingles on your roof can curl in the middle, known as clawing, or on the edges, a phenomenon called cupping. 

Shingles curling can indicate that your roof’s shingles are close to developing leaks as the water can run off under the shingle. 

These are the key warning signs you should look for to see if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Keep in mind that having your roof checked, and fixed if necessary, by an expert is mandatory for your safety and to get peace of mind that everything is okay up there. 






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