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How To Improve Your Health With Professional Muay Thai Camp For Boxing In Thailand

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Thai boxing as a sport evolved from an ancient Thai military combat style, it was primarily employed to wound or kill an enemy. Thai boxing involves the use of the hands, the legs, and all the body joints in between like the shin, knee, and elbow to fight, and this is why it is popularly termed the “art of the 8 limbs.”

Although for a long time, it was seen a sport for men alone, women's participation in the sport is now increasing. These women also compete in top levels in the fighting ring. The good thing about Muay Thai boxing is that it is open to everyone who has a passion for it (I’m doing some sessions myself).

How Muay Thai boxing can help you to improve your health

The beauty of this sport is that it improves your fitness, agility, and speed without your knowledge, just like trying to keep fit without being conscious of the rigors.

Also, Muay Thai fighters are very conscious about their health, not just in what they do, but in what they eat, their rest/sleep period, and their meditations. Here are greater ways Muay Thai helps to improve your health unconsciously;


-Strengthens the Heart and Cardiovascular Muscles

The heart muscles are responsible for expansions and contractions that allow the heart to supply blood to all parts of the body. These muscles have to be ‘exercised’ regularly through physical activities for longevity. The aerobic and anaerobic activities involved in Muay Thai like jogging, running, punching, kicking, and blocking will help to improve your heart and increase oxygen supply to the blood.


-Muay Thai training makes your bones stronger

In Muay Thai, you will have to strike and throw in a lot of blows and kicks (you'll have to block some yourself). While we might not notice it, the clashing of the body parts between the fighters/sandbag will make the bones harder and tougher. Harder bones will prevent you from health conditions that come with aging like.


- It builds a sound and alert mind

Have you ever tried to play a shooting game with a war veteran? It will leave you frustrated because he/she has mastered the art of shooting from both far and near. This is how it is for Muay Thai fighters too, you will have to make good decisions very fast (as small as a fraction of a second), the decision between when to strike, to block, or to counter-strike. This constant mental ‘exercise’ improves the ‘processing’ capacity of your brain.


- Encourage fluid Hip movement

The hips are a very important fulcrum in the sport of Muay Thai. Apart from being the center of the balance on the ground, it also helps you to strike with force and more vigor. This constant movement of your hips will make the hip joints smooth during locomotion. Asides that, this action will also prevent you from injuries like hamstring, rheumatism.


- Removes Anxiety and expels stress

With Muay Thai, your only focus is on the task at hand, either you are pummeling a sandbag or engaging another Muay Thai fighter in a fight. A drop in concentration for as much as a second in Muay Thai can cost you the fight. Keeping your mind alert in the fight/training will take your mind off things that are not related to the fight.


- Helps to rid of Fat and burn those calories

This sport places great importance on building your core muscles, and building your muscles will result in you losing excess fats. Apart from excess fat is bad for your body's metabolism, it hinders fluid body coordination. During the training, you will also burn a good amount of calories, which is very good for your health and fitness levels. Study shows that 1-hour training in a Muay Thai camp equals 3 hours of jogging.


-Improves your body coordination and movements

Without physical activities, your body will be more of a drag/load to you. Practicing Muay Thai will improve your reflexes, vision, and perception; because your body is well-coordinated, you will be able to move with more agility. Your body's joint and muscles will be more 'co-operative’ to sudden movements anytime the need arise and promote good postures.


Muay Thai boxing in Thailand: People, Culture and Health 

Over the years, Muay Thai has become more than a sport in Thailand; it is a symbol of unity and identity for Thai people. The many admirers and patronage for the sport is a direct result of the deep roots and history that Muay Thai shares with the Thai culture. SuWit Muay Thai is a good Muay Thai program for good health. Because this Muay Thai program is near to beach for holiday. 

-Weight loss routine

Muay Thai is directly shaping the lives of the Thai people, not only in culture and tourism, but it is improving the health of the sport's participants. Many women and men alike continue to switch to Muay Thai as the most viable weight loss routine.


-Improved fitness

In Muay Thai camps or SuWit Muay Thai around the country, you will find men and women who look so fit and muscular; you will wonder if they were born that way. They mostly had bad fitness routine pre-Muay Thai.

Wrapping Up 

In the busy streets of Bangkok and the ever-present bustles and tussles of the main cities in Thailand, engaging in Muay Thai helps a lot of residents to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with the metropolis. And it is working; when you take into account the many camps springing up and the increasing numbers in these camps. 


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