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Health Benefits Of Adjustable Height Desks & Why You Need One

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Adjustable Height Desks | Health Benefits

Adjustable Height Desks

adjustable height desk

Desks should not be a one-size-fits-all type of furniture. People of different heights have different needs, and in some instances, someone working at a desk might want the flexibility to switch from sitting at a desk to standing up while working.

Adjustable height desks make it easy for individuals to adjust their workspace to the height they need in a matter of seconds.

Recent studies have praised the benefits of standing while working, which has led to an increased demand for electric adjustable height desks.

By choosing to stand rather than sit, employees may be able to enjoy increased productivity as well as long-term health benefits.  However, having the ability to sit down when necessary is also beneficial, which makes height-adjustable desks the ideal choice for many workspaces.

For most of us, long hours at a work station are unavoidable, so it is important that individuals are able to adjust their desks to the perfect height in order to maximize comfort and maintain a healthy and safe posture.

Adjustable height desks are right for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time at a desk.  Writing, drafting, editing, programming, and other computer-related tasks may require this type of time commitment, and it is important that you find the best solution for your workspace needs. Anthony Caprio of Geeky Offices in his article writes: “height adjustable function also gives you the option to adjust the height to match your mood. If you feel like sitting, adjust it down to normal desk height”.


The Benefits Of An Adjustable Height Desks

A large number of Americans have jobs that require them to be at a desk for many hours a day.  Although this type of sedentary work station is not unusual, it may be a source of both health problems and physical pain.

 By making simple changes to your working environment, you may be able to minimize physical pain and long-term problems associated with this stationary position. 

One way to do this is by using a standing desk.

Standing computer desks are an option for offices that have recently increased in popularity.  Recent studies into the health benefits of standing while working have increased the desire for this type of work station and helped many to understand why they too should invest in a standing desk at adjustableheightdesk.com

Standing desks are built to accommodate the height of any person while they stand rather than sit. 

These can be built to suit writing, drawing, drafting, or computer work.  Because the user spends the majority of their time on their feet rather than in a chair, they may experience considerable improvements to their health, which often include:

●       Better blood circulation

●       More energy throughout the day

●       Less back and shoulder pain

●       Increased alertness


Four Reasons You Need a Mobile Adjustable Height Desk

ven people who spend eight or more hours a day behind a desk are capable of taking their most important piece of ergonomic office furniture for granted. 

It is all too easy to fall into a routine in which you “settle” for an inadequate desk rather than finding one better suited to your individual needs.  Over time, this one-desk-fits-all mentality can take a toll on your body.

Those who have made the switch to mobile adjustable desks are often shocked at the difference they notice.  Mobile height desks are a world away from standard-issue office desks.  If you are interested in selecting a new desk for your home or office, the following are four reasons a mobile adjustable height desk may be right for you.

  1. Mobility is key. Traditional decks are often the heaviest piece of furniture in a room. Simply moving a typical desk from one corner to another requires the concerted efforts of two or three strong people, to say nothing of occasions when you need to move it to another building.  However, a mobile desk with casters or wheels allows for rapid and smooth movement across hardwood, carpet, and linoleum.
  2. The height issue. People come in different sizes, so why don't desks? If a desk is too high or too low, you may experience discomfort that over time can lead to health problems.  Adjusting the height of an ordinary desk is impossible unless you stack phonebooks underneath it or saw off its legs.  An adjustable height desk, however, can be raised or lowered many times with minimal effort.
  3. Easy adjustability. An adjustable height desk would not do much good if it were difficult to use. Fortunately, raising and lowering this kind of desk is as easy as pushing a button. Mobile height-adjustable desks come in electric and hand-operated versions, both of which take only one person to operate.
  4. Health benefits. As mentioned earlier, sitting at a desk that is the wrong height can have long-term consequences for your body. If your arms are not at a comfortable level, or if your posture is not ideal, you could develop health issues.  Y

You sit at your desk nearly every day of the week, sometimes for hours at a time.  If the experience is not altogether comfortable, do your body a favor and opt for a height-adjustable desk.

Studies have shown that people who use stand up computer desks can improve their long-term health and also experience increased productivity at work. 

By investing in an affordable standing desk, you can benefit not only your health but also your business.







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