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Health Benefits Of Consuming Micronized Volcamin Supplements

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Health Benefits of Consuming Micronized Volcamin Supplements


Micronized Volcamin Supplements

Micronized Volcamin Supplements

Micronized Volcamin or Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a health supplement powder. You can consume it as it is safe to ingest into your body. Zeolite is a negatively charged naturally occurring mineral with a unique structure. Crystalline Clinoptilolite Zeolite is the only form fit for human consumption.

Volcanoes, when they erupt, cause thick ash and molten lava to pour out and flow into the sea. The subsequent chemical reaction from exposure to sea salt leads to the formation of minerals like Zeolites over centuries. Earth-friendly practitioners like Plant Doctor craft effective wellbeing solutions using Zeolite.

Why Consume Micronized Volcamin Supplements?

The large vacant spaces present in Zeolite attract positively charged ions. Consume this tasteless and odorless supplement powder on an empty stomach. Unlike most detoxification products that need to be administered or injected into your blood, you can conveniently consume Zeolite.

Considering Zeolite takes effect at the cellular level, you will not even be conscious of its working. Within eight hours of consumption, your body eliminates all traces of this mineral. Since the supplement is non-toxic, it is safe to consume with most medications except heavy metal-based ones.

Consuming this special supplement gives you health benefits by:


Balancing pH Levels

By attracting and buffering excess acidity-causing protons, Zeolite keeps conditions like acid reflux and arthritis in check. Whenever you introduce micronized Zeolite to your body, it balances your system to achieve healthy alkalinity. For the human body, pH 7.35 to 7.45 is considered optimum. 


Removes Heavy Metals and Toxins

Without removing healthy minerals and ions, micronized Zeolite captures and eliminates heavy metals from your body. Its perfect molecular structure enables this feat. Removal of heavy metal build-up recharges you, and you will soon experience an increase in clarity, vitality, and energy levels.


Timeframe for Results

Experts like Plant Doctor strongly advocate using supplements made from natural resources. However, you are advised to consult your medical practitioner before ingesting any form of supplements. Every human body displays toxicity in varied ways depending on your exposure to heavy metals and toxins.

Similarly, your body’s response to a particular line of treatment will differ from the others. To receive the optimum benefit of consuming micronized volcamin supplement powder, stick to the recommended dosage. After three months, get your doctor to evaluate your progress.


Any Potential Side Effects?

Most detoxifying products transfer toxins and heavy metals from your tissues into your bloodstream, which causes unpleasant side effects. When Zeolite extracts the heavy metals and toxins from your bodily tissues, the former's inherent cage traps these harsh elements. 

Since there is no harmful exposure to other parts of your body, it reduces the possibility of negative side effects.  Given that individual bodies react differently to the same supplement, it is advisable to proceed only after consulting your health practitioner, who knows your medical history.

Partner with a reputed brand responsible for driving the horticultural revolution and promoting sustainability. Ethically developing exceptional and safe earth-friendly products is now a reality thanks to science and technology. Above all, your health and wellbeing take center stage.