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6 Health benefits of Sewing and Why You Should Try it

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Many Health benefits of Creative Sewing For All

6 Health Benefits of Sewing

Benefits of Sewing

Like physical exercise, sewing has so many health benefits. According to Sewkitkit.com, Physical exercise provides physical and mental refreshment whereas sewing also gives these 2 benefits with an additional benefit of developing creativity.

If I want to describe all of the benefits of sewing the article will be lengthy and nowadays no one has so many time to read a long article. So, here I will talk about the major 6 health benefits of sewing. Even you can have a look on Sewkitkit.com.

If you did not start sewing yet, after knowing about these 6 health benefits you will realize why you should try it.


6 Health Benefits of Sewing

6 Health Benefits of Sewing

Health benefits of Sewing

We will start our discussion with the therapeutic benefits of sewing, go through the mental health benefits and end up with the physical health benefits.

  1. Watching TV, playing virtual games or spending time in a virtual world is making people depressed or mentally crippled. Sewing can be a better pastime than all of these works that have the ability to decrease the level of depression to a great extent. To make you understand this fact more clearly let me give you a scientific.

    When we enjoy something our brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is an anti-depressant chemical. When you make something like making a beautiful dress or making a bag of unique design etc. that gives you the feeling of happiness which means the release of dopamine and dopamine gives you the feeling of happiness by decreasing depression.

  1. Sewing develops your creativity; increases self-esteem and confidence level and makes you mindful by increasing your concentrating ability.

When we make a pattern or design by ourselves that develop our creativity. And, if you want your dress to be unique that no one will have there is no alternative to make a design by yourself that makes you a creative person and it is really very exciting.

If you start sewing a dress or any other sewing pattern it will develop a sense of accomplishment in yourself and this sense of accomplishment will improve your level of self-esteem and confidence.

During sewing since you need to focus on a particular sewing pattern, it makes your concentrating power stronger.

6 Health Benefits of Sewing

Creative sewing benefits

  1. If you start sewing at a young age you will enjoy its benefits even in your old age. A study found that those who do painting, drawing, crafting has less possibility to develop dementia at old age.

    Moreover, to make your creativity level stronger sewing is a very good option to be chosen. Researchers found that sewing or crafting allows you to use many parts of your brain and in this way your level of creativity increases.

    Every time you try to make a new pattern, try to make a new product with fabric, try to add something new in any existed product, it lets your brain to think in a new way. And, is not it very exciting when you can make something new by yourself?

  1. Sewing provides so many physical benefits to sewers. It is like an exercise that helps to keep your blood pressure and heartbeat rate in good condition.

    According to a study conducted by Home Sewing Association, the average heartbeat of people who practice sewing is dropped about 11 beats per minute than those who do not practice sewing.

  1. Sewing improves the functionality of your motor nerves. For example, you have to make good coordination between your hand and eye which is considered as an exercise of your motor nerve.

6. Sewing also helpful to get relief from physical issues like back pain, indigestion, fatigue, sleeplessness and many more.

6 Health Benefits of Sewing

Creative sewing For All



Sewing is relaxing and purposeful work which is also considered a wonderful hobby and pastime. Sewing offers so many important health benefits that are very essential to live an enjoyable and healthy life.

It creates an opportunity to learn new things and to meet new people.  If you do not know how it lets you meet new people, well let me explain you the fact so that learning sewing tips and tricks become easier for you.

There are many sewing groups, where you can join and learn new things and meet new people.  To get the taste of happy living sewing is a wonderful practice.







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