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Woodworking Mistakes and How to Fix Them? Woodworking Measuring Tool

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Most Common Woodworking Measuring Tool and How to Fix Them?

Woodworking Measuring Tool


Woodworking mistakes are done by both experts and beginner, the difference is that the rate of mistake is less in expert but high in beginner and an expert handyman knows the technique to fix his mistake.

If you want to be a good woodworker you have to practice more to enhance your skill and during practicing whenever you will do any mistake you have to learn the technique to fix that mistake.

You can know about the common mistakes and the technique of fixing these mistakes from this article but to be a master you have to practice these techniques.

Source of Woodworking Mistakes

Woodworking Measuring Tool

Woodworking Dowels

Problems can occur from anywhere, such as-

  • From faulty measurement
  • From defective wood
  • From a dirty environment and
  • For not using the right tool.

But, from my experience, I have observed that problems mostly occur from measuring the part. Perfect measurement is very important for woodworking. You cannot even make a single joint if there is any fault in your measurement.

So you must have a clear idea about measuring tool. Here is a brief about measuring tool for your help.

Common Woodworking Measuring Tool

Tools that are used for the measurement of the woodworking piece are known as measuring tool which includes-

  1. Steel Ruler
  2. Folding Ruler
  3. Tape Measure
  4. Sliding Bevel
  5. Marking gauge
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Framing square
  8. Speed square
  9. Combination square
  10. Compass
  11. Scratch awl
  12. Vernier scale
  13. Digital depth gauge and so on.

Among the above tools, 5 tools are essential for any woodworking shop; you must have to include them in your toolkit.

Top 5 Measuring Tool for Woodshop

Woodworking Measuring Tool

Woodworking tools


1. Tape Measure

For measuring the linear distance of your work-piece tape measure is the best measuring tool. There are other options also like steel ruler or folding ruler but a tape ruler is better in this sense that you can measure larger distance using it, it is easy to use, foldable, consume less space in your toolbox and you can carry it easily.

2. Framing Square

Making a right angle is a common requirement of woodworking projects. For example, to make a cabinetry, to make a photo frame, to make the door you need to make a right angle. A framing square can help you to do your job perfectly.

You can ensure accuracy in nailing, screwing or stapling with the help of this woodworking tool. Framing squares are available in both small and large size. So, you can check workpiece of any size using this measuring tool.

3. Try square

The function of the try square is also to make a right angle. They are different from the try square in construction. They have a wooden handle where a metal blade is fastened. They provide more convenience in your work as they can rest on the workpiece more easily.

4. Level

It is a very common requirement for woodworking projects to make the surface of the object smooth.  Sometimes you may not able to recognize the imperfection of the surface of your object.

A level can come to your help in this case. Though using a level makes you work for a long time this woodworking tool ensures perfection in your work.

5. Sliding Bevel

Except for 90 degree and 45-degree angles, you may also have to make a random angle.  You can make any angle using a sliding bevel.

3 Common Woodworking Mistakes and Their Fixing Technique

Woodworking Measuring Tool



1. A mistake in Making Mortise and Tenon Joints

Mortise and tenon joints require perfect cutting according to the measure otherwise, the two parts of the object will not fit in each other and you will not be able to make the joint. So, be cautious while making this joint and follow the rule “Measure Twice Cut Ones”. Even if the mistake occurs here is the fixing technique for you.

The technique of Fixing Faulty Mortise and Tenon Joint: There are two ways of tightening a loose mortise and tenon joint-

  1. Fill the gap between the wood pieces with a sufficient amount of glue.
  2. Slice wood into a small and thin piece, place these pieces in the gap, glue them and finally clamp this glued piece to the side of the tenon.

The second one is better than the first technique.


2. A mistake in Making Face Frame Joints

Face frame joints are made for making the front edge of cabinet bodies. If there is any mistake in measurement and cutting they will not fit. If one side of a face frame has a gap of 1/32 inch or less with its neighboring side you can fix this mistake by the following technique:

The technique of Fixing Faulty Face Frame Joint: You need a pair of pipe clamp, ¼ inch dowels and glue to fix this mistake.  There are two ways to fix this type of mistake:

  1. With the aid of your pipe clamp tighten the stiles so that the gap is reduced and they stay close to each other.
  2. Make a hole at the middle part of the joint and put some glue in the hole. Then tap the dowel in place.


3. Mistake in Making Hinge Pocket

Sometimes beginners make deep hinge pocket which creates problems. But it is very easy to fix the mistake of making deep hinge pocket by following any of the two techniques described here.

The technique of Fixing Deep Hinge Pocket:

  1. Put one or two pieces of cardboard in the faulty place and drive the screw through and into the door frame to fix the mistake.
  2. Collect cereal box of shims and cutting it into pieces place these in the faulty place.



Like the proverb “Where there is a will there is a way”, I believe that where there is a problem there is a solution. So if you do any mistake in your project do not be upset rather try to find out the technique to fix the mistake.

Problems in woodworking do not always come from the mistake of the woodworker sometimes it comes from the wood and imperfect woodworking tools. So never ignore the quality and perfectness of your object and tools.







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