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How To Climb Trees | Tree Climbing Safety Tips

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How To Climb Trees Safe

Trees are a natural blessing to our environment. Additionally, tree climbing offers an extracurricular activity for both adults and children. Many scientists believe that tree climbing comes with several benefits. Also, to climb trees prefer the best quality Climbing Ropes that help your climbing. work


For instance, it helps you to develop focus, self-esteem, confidence, and physical strength. For children, such activities help them improve their motor skills. As much as some people might find trees climbing easy, others find it a challenge. However, it is simple.


If you want to try it out, then this article is right for you. Ensure that you read it to the end.


1. Have the proper gear

How To Climb Trees

Tree climbing gear


Before anything else, you need to know the best type of clothes to wear. You do not just start climbing with your office clothes. The reason is that some clothes can be slippery; hence, you may fall.


If you have the right attire, you make the process easy and safe. Thus, the best clothes to wear is your sports gear. If you do not have the right shoes to climb, then you could try climbing barefoot. For those that fear heights, then purchasing a climbing harness makes it easy to climb.



2. Pick the right tree



The worst mistake you can ever make is thinking that you can climb any tree. For instance, if you decide to climb an underdeveloped one, then you are putting yourself in danger of falling and breaking your ribs. Nobody wants that.


Pick a tree that has a sturdy stump. Additionally, it should have strong branches, which you can hold on to when you are up there.

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3. How to climb

How To Climb Trees

Tree climbing safety tips



Once you pick out the right tree, the next thing is to know how to climb. Primarily, you should pick the nearest branch to start your journey upwards.


However, if the nearest branch is far from your reach, then running up the tree could help you get it. Other tips you should consider while at this include:


  • Try to hold the branch nearer to the stump. Most branches are stronger at that junction than anywhere is beyond that.


  • Use your entire body to climb the tree. As in, ensure that your whole body is in contact with the tree at all times. That also includes your thighs
  • If the tree has no branches, you should wrap your arms and legs around it. You will avoid sliding down by doing so. Besides that, tying your feet with some clothes could prevent injuries and increase the grip you require when climbing.


  • Do not hold on to dead branches. They tend to be loose hence it is easy to fall off them


  • If you reach a point where the tree cannot hold your weight, then that should be your stoppage point. Typically, this is usually where the tree is thinner.


4. Avoid climbing trees when the weather is bad

How To Climb Trees

How to climb trees




Do not engage in this activity if the weather is rainy or extremely windy. In the rainy season, the water drops tend to make the tree slippery. Therefore, you will have trouble climbing regardless of your experience.


Apart from that, windy conditions can be catastrophic for trees that have weak branches.


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Final remarks


From the above points, we can see that nobody should take tree climbing lightly. If you do it wrongly, you could end up injuring yourself.


Additionally, since this activity involves your entire body, ensure that you are healthy enough to engage in this activity. If you have any medical conditions, then the best thing to do is to keep away from the trees.







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