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7 Tricks To Make Your Garden Fountain Awesome Than Ever

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Amazing Tips To Make Your Garden Fountain Awesome

Who doesn’t like gardens? They are a treat to the eye, calms up the soul to the deepest when you return home after a tiring day at the office and is one of the most enjoyable and inexpensive picnic spots for your angelic kids.

However, if there is a fountain in your garden, it goes without saying that you need to have adequate drainage facilities. Just install any type of drainage can take the sheen away from the design element of the fountain garden. Many experts recommend the best decorative trench grates to ensure that the drainage of your fountain is not only functional but looks aesthetically pleasing as well.

While there are innumerable ways of augmenting the beauty and delicacy of a backyard, garden fountains have proven to be an asset in this regard. These water features diminish the stress boiling in your body, provides a drinking source for birds and acts as a natural humidifier apart from serving their main purpose of acting as a decorative element.

You can transform a normal fountain into a charming beauty if you think smartly. Today, we will discuss some of the top ways of doing it.

Placement is the key:

how to place fountain

how to place fountain

Even a highly appealing cast stone garden fountain will lose its charm if placed beside a worn-out wall or at an unnoticeable point. It’s an investment that requires respect and only with proper positioning can you achieve it. Place your fountain at a viewable spot from your lounge or drawing-room.

You may even consider having a sitting space near it to make it even more discernible. It could be just the perfect spot for having tea on Sunday afternoons or a barbeque party with your family on holidays.

Accent it with plants:

fountain covered with plants

fountain covered with plants

Generally, fountains come in colors of brown, cement and grey. This universal color increases their likelihood of being matched with any tone. You want to direct people’s attention to your garden fountain and plants can do a reasonable job doing it.

It could be anything from orange marigold to the stunning daffodils, attractive spider plants to versatile money plants. We recommend a combination of tulips or lilies with peperomia or snake plants. These plants feature grouped leaves that grow close to each other and can produce impressive patterns when combined with flowers.

The combination of colors and type of plants/flowers you use depend entirely on you but be careful not to overpower the water feature. After all, it is the element you want to be noticed most of all!

Landscape rocks for the added flair:

fountain inside rock landscape

fountain inside rock landscape

Creativity has no boundaries and it seeps through every department and dimension of the world. Likewise, the awesomeness of garden fountains can be enhanced with a hint of artistry. Landscape rocks that are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures can be a brilliant addition to your existing fountains.

Options like River Rock, Pea Gravel and Crushed Granite can be placed in the basement of the water basins or glued to the walls. You can also convert a birdbath to a fountain by attaching accessories like Solar fountain to it. Base carpeted with agreeable patterns of lava rocks and water spraying over it through the fountain would be a treat to the eye.

Lawn owners can also add large boulders like European Accent or Royal Rainbow at the foundations. With these too, you can be as innovative as you like by using circular, staged or grouped patterns. Another thing you can try is growing long-leaved plants within intermittent boulder placements.

Complement with wooden features:

fountain DIY

fountain DIY

That’s another way of going about the embellishment! There are plety of DIY ideas whereby you can transform a hideous looking wooden log to a mesmerizingly pleasing decoration piece. Furthermore, there are several e-commerce platforms that sell polished wooden crafting at reasonable rates.

You may either place it with the foundation of the fountain or if there is a wall present behind it, you can hang them as well. Whatever the combination you decide on, the concept is to complement the fountain and make it look more desirable.

You may add wooden barrels along the border of the fountain as a convincing option. Not only will it grant an adorning touch to it but prevent your little kids from reaching the fountain and disturbing its configuration.

Do something for your feathered buddies:

birds on fountain

birds on fountain

You shouldn’t just run behind the beauty of the garden fountain but also its utility. It will be a potential drinking source for birds and you should decorate accordingly. You can consider making raised platforms for them where they can easily sit and reach out to the water.

Instead of fluttering around the fountain mindlessly, you will be providing them a calmer and proper place to quench their thirst. This also ensures that your decorations of stones or wood remain safe from being disarranged as birds can be restless at times.

Now, how can you make these platforms? It relies on your artistic skills however they can be created out of stones, straws or even plaster.

Scintillate the fountain with lighting fixtures:

fountain with lighting fixtures

fountain with lighting fixtures

Your garden fountain might be noticeable at day but how would you ensure that it receives the same attention at night when there is no natural light? That’s when lighting fixtures come in to play and God! they are one of the most engrossing add-ons one can think of.

Out of several waterproof lighting pieces, you may choose between submersible LED lights, spotlights, or floating lights. Some change colors after a specified period while others shine with variable brightness range.

One consideration while lighting up a fountain is to try and highlight the flowing water because it looks ravishing under artificial lights as a result of reflections.

Colored water for a refreshing touch:

fountain with different color

fountain with different color

Which is the most relaxing color from the palette? The top ones are blues, greens, and pinks. How about adding these shades in the flowing water so that whenever your eyeballs are directed towards it, your soul gets calmed and refreshed. Make sure to use edible dyes because there will be birds drinking the water and you don’t want to pose any threat to their health.

YouTube Video | How to make Outdoor Fountain used Plastic Pots / DIY


It’s one thing to get a fountain for your backyard or lawn and another to make it compatible and appealing. Be sure of it! These tricks would aid you in doing that but it’s up to you how you implement these hacks ingeniously and inexpensively.





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