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Classic Bathroom Furniture That Doesn’t Break The Bank!

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Traditional Bathroom furniture On A Budget, Is it possible? 

Classic Bathroom Furniture

Classic Bathroom Furniture

Selecting new bathroom furnishings for any bathroom on a budget, can become quite a stressful feat. However, there are ways in which you can save on traditional furnishings.

Your dream Victorian style bathroom is still achievable, without stretching the funds. The key to finding affordable bathroom furniture is to shop wisely. Wondering how? Visit the furniture store Ikea or check out Bellabathrooms, both boasts a wide range of affordable classical furniture that will suit the Victorian style you’re going for.

So, let’s take a look at how you can create an elegant aesthetic without breaking the budget…


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Classical Furniture In All Its Glory

While many of us are fans of a more contemporary design when it comes to kitting out our bathrooms, for some classical is the only way to go. There’s no wonder so many people love that charming Victorian style, from double ended iron baths to stand-alone sink cabinets, there are many beautiful designs! The great thing about classical furniture is that it boasts a timeless design throughout that compliments any home.


Select Your Key Pieces For The Style, Wisely

Cheap Bathroom Furniture

Cheap Bathroom Furniture


So, you’ve decided that you want to achieve a stunning classical finish with your new bathroom furniture pieces. Luckily you won’t have to go all out with expensive antiques, artwork or other ornate decor. The focal points are what matter here.

Baths are undeniably the main point of interest here, and to achieve your desired aesthetic there are lots of Victorian styles to choose from. You may find yourself sighing at the price tags, when it comes to this element. We’d recommend stretching your budget by investing in a vintage timeless bath and cutting costs on other sanitary ware such as the sink.

Pre-plan as much as possible by setting aside set amounts of cash for certain fixtures. With a bit of creativity and organisation, you won’t be overspending when it comes to your new classic bathroom pieces.


Consider Your Colour Scheme

Choosing a colour palette for any newly decorated space is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. When it comes to creating that beautiful timeless look in your bathroom, you’ll have plenty of options.

With a set colour scheme in mind, you’ll be able to select furnishings according to this and if you opt for monochrome you can save while creating an elegant feel. Black and white work beautifully together in any given situation and, when decorating your bathroom consider white sanitary ware with splashes of black for a stylish, opulent look.


That Statement Bathtub...

Anybody who hears the words Victorian bathroom, will instantly envision a stunning freestanding bath tub. The good news is that you can still have the bathtub of your dreams, even while working with a budget.

You can easily transform your bathroom, even with lower funds and, with a statement traditional piece, it’ll be much easier than you think! Once you’ve got this crucial piece perfected, you’ll be able to accesorise the surrounding area with decor to maximise that design of your timeless retreat.

Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture


Get Thrifting With Vintage Pieces

Vanity units can add plenty of style to a classical bathroom and, you can find many of them at a bargain price with a bit of wise shopping. Why not consider picking up a cheaper vintage vanity and get decorative with repurposing? You may just be surprised at how a simple lick of paint can completely add a new lease of life to a piece of furniture!

Apply this principle of renovating pre-loved pieces to other areas of your bathroom and max out when it comes to accessories. Think budget mirrors that exude traditional craftsmanship skills (you can pick these up at vintage stores), floral paintings and traditional lighting fixtures...

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