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How To Prep Your Beautiful Garden For Fall and Winter

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Get Your Garden Ready For Prepare Garden For Fall and Winter

Prepare Garden For Fall and Winter

The fall is finally here and winter is soon to follow. Have you prepared your garden for the changing seasons? Are you ready to plant beautiful fall and winter flowers or tasty vegetables? It’s a great time of year for change.

At this point, the leaves have likely started to change colors already. Lush green trees and shrubs now take on orange, red, and brown hues. The leaves might have even started falling by this point. If you’re like most people, you truly appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.

Autumn weather always brings on a feeling of excitement for many. They look forward to the new school year. Exciting holidays are right around the corner. Family gatherings take place more often this time of year. And if you choose you can get your garden ready for the fall and winter with a complete backyard makeover on the cheap.

We’re here to help you prep your garden for the new seasonal changes and garden maintenance by Albuquerque arborists. Take a moment to look over our tips and tricks and use them to prepare for seasonal transformation.

Prepare Garden For Fall and Winter #1: Pull out the Dead Plants

This tip is often difficult for gardeners. They get very emotional when pulling out dead plants that they just planted a few months ago. But this tip is definitely for the best regardless because these plants and vegetables no longer belong in your garden at this point.

Instead of letting them rot and fester, you can remove the dead plants before the cold weather frost completely sets in. Remove these plants but don’t throw them out or let them go to waste. Another option is to add them to your compost pile to give them a second life and a chance to do more good for your garden in the future.

Prepare Garden For Fall and Winter

Fall Garden Prep Tip #2: Remove Diseased Foliage and Plants

You have two choices at this point. You can either pull the diseased foliage and plants from the soil by hand. Or if you prefer to be more thorough, you can use affordable quality garden power tools to get to the root of the problem and remove the damaged the disease plants completely from the soil.

Whether you know it or not, this is an important step. Why? Because leaving diseased plants and leaves can have a deleterious effect on your garden next season. The disease and rot can spread throughout your other plants and create havoc that can absolutely ruin your garden.

One way to get rid of them is to burn them where they stand. Another is to take them up, completely remove them at the root, and then throw them out in a landfill.

It’s never a good idea to compost diseased plants so avoid this option. You could unintentionally spread blight and other garden related diseases and nobody wants that.

Fall Garden Prep Tip #3: Play Fall Flowers and Vegetables in Your Garden

Prepare Garden For Fall and Winter

Now that you’ve prepped your garden and removed the dead and diseased plants, it’s time to begin planting fall flowers, vegetables, and herb seed. As you undoubtedly know, some plants and flowers are much better to grow in the fall then they are at any other time of year.

Believe it or not, bulbs need to be planted in the fall as well as other outdoor plants for home gardens. They will begin showing in the early spring, so now is the ideal time to plant these gorgeous flowers. Some excellent options for this time of year include daffodils, tulips, and crocus.

As far as vegetables go, perennial walking onions and garlic are wonderful options to plant during this time of year. But do not plant them as soon as the fall begins. Wait to plant them between mid-October and mid-November to achieve the best results.

More important than anything else, plant them before the ground freezes. And to protect these bulbs, you should certainly mulch the area to ensure these plants will thrive.

Herbs can grow right in your kitchen so you can plant your favorites at any time of the year and grow them directly in your home. Some excellent choices include parsley, mint, basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, coriander, cilantro, and many other first-rate options.

Winter Garden Prep Tip #1: Stay on Top of Your Shrubs and Trees

Shrubs and trees can grow out of control unless you stay on top of them. You’ll often find wayward branches in the way of your garden, so it’s best to prune them and trim them back to maintain the structural integrity of your shrubs. This will also help maintain their attractive shape.

Take a look at your hedges and give them a final trim as well before the cold weather sets in. Get rid of the damaged branches, diseased and dead trees, and more. You can also cut them back to prevent stems from rubbing together. When stems rub together they create deformities and wounds that you would rather avoid.

Prepare Garden For Fall and Winter

Winter Garden Prep Tip #2: Protect Your Plants in the Winter

Do you have any pots filled with tender plant species in your garden? It’s time to remove them before the winter weather sets in. You can bring them into your greenhouse or conservatory – or even your home – and keep them protected and safe for the winter.

For palm trees, you can wrap the trunks with horticultural fleece as long as they are planted in the ground. You should also spread bark mulch around the base very thickly. Do this for palm trees and other delicate trees including Japanese maples. It will keep them protected from the frost.

For small roses, shrubs, and trees, you can literally remove them from the ground bare root. Then replant them in mid-March as the weather begins to warm up. Conifers and evergreens require rootballing, so look online for detailed instructions.

Winter Garden Prep Tip #3: Keep an Eye on the Snow

Heavy snow and ice is often devastating to plants and trees in your garden. So if you’re dealing with prolonged and heavy snow, you should take time to remove it from the branches and leaves of your trees and shrubs.

This is especially true if you have particularly prized specimens that you want to protect. This practice can prevent fatalities and severe damage, so it’s definitely worth it to keep alert to the snow and remove it whenever possible.

Also, be careful when using your snow blower, especially if your driveway is small. Many snow blowers allow you to control the chute direction so point it away from the most precious trees and bushes around your driveway.

YouTube Video | Preparing Your Garden For Winter & Fall

Bottom Line

Clearly, it’s necessary to prep your garden for the fall and winter months. This preparation will preserve and protect your garden and also prepare it for the growing season once the spring begins.

Please remember to use these tips to your advantage. Your garden will thrive if you do and they are easy to do so it’s definitely worth it in the end. If you're looking for some professional help, you can always visit our website for a free quote today





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