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3 Ways to Hide Your Boiler Step By Step Guides | Tips When Hiding Your Boiler

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Tips How To Hide Your Boiler | 3 Ways to Hide My Boiler

Tips How To Hide Your Boiler


Living the good life in the United Kingdom? Whether you are a new arrival or a seasoned Londoner, this rainy season has made you realize that your home boiler is your new best friend. It is what keeps you warm and cozy within the vicinity of your property and lets you enjoy a refreshing, hot shower during these cold, autumn mornings.

As valuable components of our homes they are, boilers are not the most attractive appliances. If you are planning to put your house on the market and desire to enjoy a nifty deal, then you may want to consider spending a little time and effort on increasing the aesthetic value of your boiler. Why, you ask? It has been estimated that half of your prospective purchasers perceive an unsightly boiler in your house – they could knock off a precious £5000 from your asking sales price. Now, we reckon you do not want that, right?

It is perfectly understandable that you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on jazzing up your boiler area. My friend, we just want the best for you and will try to cater to all possible budgets.

Tips How To Hide Your Boiler



Let us get started with the lower side and build up as we go along:


£100 Budget Tips How To Hide Your Boiler

Tips How To Hide Your Boiler

water heater

The primary trick here is to roll up your sleeves and get creative by doing the actual work yourself. One neat tip is to construct a whole cupboard around your boiler and match its colour and style to the surrounding interior décor. It will require a bit of technical knowledge in the sense that you may have to check the regulations regarding the volume of air flow and space between your boiler and the actual cupboard walls. Our recommendation is to use plywood as the main building material and splash on your preferred tones of colour. This will be the swiftest, simplest way to add some pizzazz to your boiler. The whole DIY project should not take up more than one weekend of your time. Utilise blackboard paint and use it to write your grocery list and errands. No harm in adding a degree of functionality, right?


£300 Budget Boiler Tip

Tips How To Hide Your Boiler

Issues with Electric Water Heaters

Another key variable influencing how to make your boiler look prettier is its position and location. If your boiler is situated in a room other than your kitchen, then you may need to dish out a few more pennies from your wallet. If the boiler is located in your bathroom, you may want to build a proper airing cupboard around it or install a new bathroom cabinet to cover it up. As most people prefer spacious, organised and tidy bathrooms, this would be an effective way to conceal your boiler. In fact, you can augment your bathroom’s functionality by placing shelves or baskets around it for toiletries, towels and such. Add a pretty vase of flowers and a few candles and you are good to go! Just keep in mind that you will have to access your boiler once in a while for maintenance, repairs or servicing. So, do make sure you design the cupboard and space around it accordingly.


£500 Budget Boiler Tip

Tips How To Hide Your Boiler

How to Repair an Electric Water Heater

Got enough physical area to create an allocated space for your boiler and other such gadgets which you may wish to conceal? That is absolutely brilliant! Then, you can construct what is known as a utility room. If you do not own enough space within your property to dedicate a separate room to it, no worries. Just section off part of your hallway or kitchen with an installed wall and door to hide these appliances. If you feel you do not possess the technical expertise required to execute this project, then do not hesitate in hiring someone who does. It will be a great investment as you will be practicing safety regulation for your boiler whilst maintaining your property’s sale worth. Speaking of safety regarding boilers, do you have a good insurance plan? How about Corgi Homeplan? Check out their website and apply for the boiler insurance plan that best suits your individual needs.

Now now, do not fret if you think you are planning the structure of an entire room around your boiler. It is perfectly normal and remember the bigger picture at hand. Remember why you are doing it: to preserve your home’s value on the real estate market. You want to earn maximum profit on your home investment so you can buy an even better property in the near future. You can look up funky ideas online to hide your boiler from view as well. Put on your creative thinking cap and enjoy this whole process. After all, your home is your baby whom you are investing some love and time in. Once you have finished this project and managed to successfully conceal your boiler, you will be happy to see how well the whole room or boiler integrates with the rest of your home. It will be well worth it!


Just remember to follow these few tips when hiding your boiler:

Tips How To Hide Your Boiler

Follow the manufacturer’s indicated power supply


  • Make sure there is enough ventilation for cooling air and combustion.
  • The material you select to build an enclosure around your boiler must meet the local fire safety standards.
  • Your cupboard or boiler cabinet must have clear directions and details on it with appropriate, relevant information regarding its ventilation and storage of any damaging substances.
  • Do not use this particular space as an area for drying clothes
  • Allow enough space and access for your boiler technician to come through and open the cupboard from all possible sides: front, back, left and right. This will ensure that your boiler’s lifecycle is maximised as it will receive frequent annual checks and maintenance. Remember that buying a new boiler is super expensive and you do not want to waste unnecessary money. You work super hard to earn it and deserve to spend it on more enjoyable activities.
  • Do not ever insert corrosive or flammable materials that may become a fire hazard in this particular boiler cabinet or cupboard.







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