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6 Health Issues Considerations to Make When Redecorating Your Home

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What Health Issues Need To Be Considered When Doing Home Improvement

Health Issues When Redecorating


Making your home look good can sometimes come at the sacrifice of comfort. Ignoring how furniture affects your long-term health is a battle you’ll always lose. Try to find the best of both worlds by visiting fombag.com for available comfort options. There are many ways to improve your home while still making it a healthy place to live.

Also people do not take correct safety precautions when they are performing DIY for any simple or huge home projects which cost them their health! An example was one of my friends who only changed the AC filter got sick with excessive cough and chest pain. After expensive doctor visit, he found out he was not using mask when changing that super old never replaced AC filter and there were some molds in his room which required immediate mold removal pros help.

So just watch out 😊. Use mask, glasses etc and other safety accessories.


Now to the main topics on what can increase your health issues when renovating.


6.  The Toxicity Of Furniture

Health Issues When Redecorating

Restore Leather Furniture

Even if you’re constantly cleaning the furniture in your home, there are a lot of unknown toxins that stay active. Toxins are not unique to furniture that you sit, lay or lounge on. Although the idea of toxic furniture originated with couches and mattresses, you can find similar health hazards in things like a bookcase. Anything that comes from a factory has the potential to host a lot of dangerous chemicals that you don’t even know about. So, the next time you get a whiff of ‘that from the factory smell’, consider that it is a new piece of furniture housing toxic chemicals.

Some of the most known chemicals are laminates, flame retardants and polishes. To summarize these toxins, consider grouping them as volatile organic compounds. Now the words ‘toxins’ and ‘volatile’ may incite fear when you want to buy new furniture. Take a deep breath, and realize that the small quantities of these chemicals found in furniture is still well within government guidelines. It is similar to finding specific chemicals in FDA approved food products. But small amounts and traces of unwanted chemicals is still something that most people would want to keep out of their home if it didn’t mean sacrificing design.

For more information on what chemicals are found in new furniture, consider visiting the EPA website. It has a conclusive list that may be of interest to consumers buying new furniture for their home.

5. Small Pieces

Health Issues When Redecorating

Furniture Pieces

Small pieces that are part of a larger piece of furniture can be problematic in homes with children or pets. If something breaks loose, then chances are it will end up in the mouth of a pet or a child. There is also the danger of stepping on a piece at the wrong angle and injuring yourself. What may seem like a harmless piece of material on the floor can easily lodge itself into your skin when it is stepped on in the wrong way. Usually you can prevent this problem by following the instructions for putting together new furniture. And if the furniture doesn’t need to be put together, make sure that everything is tight.

Small pieces that are the most common to end up on the floor are loose nuts and screws. This is hard to track if they are a darker color. On carpet, nuts and screws can get lost between the fibers for weeks at a time. Once embedded deep enough, not even vacuuming will get them out without force. Imagine the surprise of someone when they step on these pieces randomly while walking across the carpet. Since small pieces trapped in a carpet can rise or fall depending on the movement in the area, there is no telling when they will become an actual danger. Glass is also a concern when broken, but is something that can be dealt with in the moment.

4. Powered Furniture

Health Issues When Redecorating

Dusty Furniture

Anytime you mix electric items and water, there will always be trouble. Now the use of electronics in furniture is a lot more advanced than it was back when it was first created. Spilling orange juice on your powered recliner isn’t going to kill you, and the recliner will still function just fine afterwards. It’s not like powered furniture has exposed wires that can burn down a house - but here is where it gets interesting.

Powered furniture that isn’t maintained can very well be a fire hazard. Those heavily coated wires can slowly become exposed. If pets are in the home, they can accelerate the exposure of dangerous wires by chewing on them. There have even been times where people moved powered furniture in their home but forgot to unplug it. The resulting pop from the electric socket that was pulled out of the wall can cause some pretty serious home damage.

As long as basic common sense is followed when handling powered furniture, it is not a threat. The benefits to having the extra features are massive, and should not be overlooked. All of this comes with the responsibility of ensuring that there are no exposed wires, and that the product is well taken care of over the years. Even if powered furniture looks good on the outside, there are a lot of things going on within that could pose a danger.

3. Support For Your Lower Back

Health Issues When Redecorating

Lower Back

Lower back support is the most overlooked health feature with chairs. Also known as lumbar support, it is a feature that can be found in belts, chairs and mattresses. Similar support can also be found in body shaping tools, with many modern brands including it by default. Whatever method is used, lower back support should be the bare minimum feature of any furniture you sit or lie in. You won’t instantly get a bad back without having lumbar support, but repeated usage of the furniture will lead to several long-term health issues.

Lower back pain is a crippling reminder of what happens with years of no support. The doctor bills from dealing with spine issues has bankrupted many families that couldn’t keep up with the appointments. When you have back problems, it affects both your professional and personal life. Back injuries can be treated, but there is no turning back the clock to get them back to prime health. Over time, even when a back is repaired, bad lumbar support will slowly chip away at its health again. Back health and furniture are tied together, and how you approach it can change the rest of your life.

Furniture makers have gone out of their way to mention that a product has lumbar support. Pay attention to this label since it is such an important buying decision.

2. Bed Bugs

Health Issues When Redecorating

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a horrifying health problem that millions of people live with every day. They are hard pests to get rid of, and in the case of an infestation, can leave the surrounding areas devastated. This is important to mention since there used mattresses and furniture are a common pickup. One of the biggest reasons to buy new is staring you in the face as a homeowner- bed bugs. Seeing a mattress or couch on the side of the road in great condition should be a red flag. Once you pick up that infested furniture and bring it into your home, then prepare for one of the toughest fights of your life. Even new furniture without bed bugs can be infected by these little critters if you bring tainted furniture into a home.

Bed bugs don’t carry diseases but are a nuisance that leaves welts on your skin. The number of bugs in your home will determine the number of bites you get each day. Their activity changes based on weather and the available hiding spaces in the home. An exterminator can take care of bed bugs after doing an evaluation, but it isn’t cheap.

Businesses can also be affected by bed bugs, and it is a huge red flag when a hotel doesn’t pass normal inspections. The bed bugs you deal with at a hotel have no problems hiding in your suitcase and following you home. The general takeaway from this section is to be aware of their presence and to never pick up used furniture without knowing the source.

1. Allergies

Health Issues When Redecorating


There was a time where peanut allergies were a foreign concept to most people. Over time, allergic reactions became a big deal when trying to sell a product. The key word for allergy sufferers when buying furniture is hypoallergenic. It is the first thing you should look for if you have strong reactions to allergies. Hypoallergenic materials are better at repelling the most common causes of allergy symptoms around the home.

In rare cases, you may find that rashes develop with certain fabrics. Consumers that have a leather allergy but like leather material can always opt for faux leather or one of its variants. If the brand is good enough, it will be hard to tell the difference between a faux leather product and a real one. You get all of the benefits of a great looking piece of furniture without having to deal with any of the allergic reactions.

Wrap Up | Conclusion

Health Issues When Redecorating


There are a lot of choices that take into account homes of all sizes. There will never be a time that you feel the design is crippled by the conscious health choices you made. Furniture that is good for your home is cost conscious, easy to acquire and one of the most overlooked necessities for a long life. Start making a change and the results may very well surprise you.





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