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Home Care Tips For First Time Homeowners

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Tips For Your Home Care

Home Care Tips For First Time Homeowners


Home Care Tips For First Time Homeowners: Owning a house is a big responsibility, and owning one for the first time will also be a great challenge and a long learning process. If it is your first time owning a house, there are a lot of problems you’ll face on the way. It is better to be ready and well-informed than sorry in the future.

Here are home care tips for first time homeowners, like you:

 Home Care Tips For First Time Homeowners

Regularly Clean Air Conditioners

Keep your air conditioning units clean to help them work efficiently. The more dirt that builds up in your AC unit, the higher the effort they need to exert to carry out their task. This means more energy consumption and a higher electric bill by the end of the month.

Make it a habit that you clean your AC units monthly or every two weeks, depending on how much you use them. You should also consider cleaning them more often during seasons where they are used more. 

This can save you 50% energy consumption every month which makes a big difference when printed on your bill.


Downspouts And Gutter Maintenance

Take issues involving water seriously. Water can be a great resource, but it is also very damaging when allowed to sit in areas it shouldn’t be at, like your walls.

Your home might even be suffering from unseen water damages: Water can damage your walls, ceiling, HVAC Unit, sinks, toilets and almost anywhere where water exists. 

This includes your home’s gutter and downspouts. Once these are damaged, you can expect more damages to come. You see, these devices are supposed to take water away from your home. Once they’re damaged, leaks could follow through.

So, it is best if you maintain them regularly. Clean them out. Usually, there would be dust, leaves (if trees are around) and other debris that would block the passageway of water. Once this happens, water seeping through your ceilings and walls is unavoidable.


Always Check For Moisture

Home Care Tips For First Time Homeowners

Moisture Resistance and Hardness

If your home features a wooden deck, you should always check for moisture. Usually, the wood used to build your deck are protected with some kind of sealant that would repel water. It takes two to three years before the sealant comes off. 

When humidity is high, wood is more susceptible to damage. During seasons of high humidity, you must see to it that you check if the sealant is still effective. Simply splash some water over the wooden surface and see if the droplets turn to beads that stay on the surface and not absorbed in.


Secure Your Home

Home Care Tips For First Time Homeowners

security surveillance cameras

As a new homeowner, you should check if your newly acquired property is safe. 

Safety should be one of your priorities besides the comfort that your home can offer. First of all, your home is one of your biggest investments. For sure, you have valuables under your roof. Anytime, with the lack of security, anyone could take these away from you.

The smartest thing that you can do is to have the latest and most effective security systems installed in your home.  Security cameras are a great way to monitor your home even when you’re far away. Alarms keep burglars and unwanted visitors off your lawn. These devices may cost you a fortune, but nothing compared to stolen pieces of jewelry and the hassle you’d go through after a broken window and home turned upside down.


Pest Control

As early as now, you should be concerned about pests. They may not be causing you any problems at the moment, but they will in the future if you do not give them the right attention.

Pests are very harmful to you and your family. At times, pests also decrease the safety of your home. This usually happens when proper maintenance is neglected. Termites can tear your walls down in years without you even noticing it, flies can infect your food and endanger your family, and rats can damage your furniture. There are a lot more damages that household pests can do to your home. 

Take action now.

The best possible solution that you can consider is prevention. Look for experts that can help you solve your problem and mitigate the future damage that can take place. Luckily, these experts are only one call or click away. Pest control services are now starting to embrace the online world where their services are easily found on the Internet.


Take Note!

There are a lot of things to know about maintaining a home. As a new homeowner, it is your obligation to learn about what makes your property more secure, livable and longer-lasting! 



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