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Helpful Utensils And Tips For Small Kitchens 

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According to research, people spend about 3 hours on cleaning weekly. It becomes even more challenging if you need to clean a small kitchen. But people want to spend time on less important but more relaxing activities like watching Netflix, playing at, or going out with friends and family. These utensils and tips will help you clean your kitchen faster.

Containers for Household Goods

You can put 3-4 plastic containers with doors and drawers in one corner of a large cabinet. Store spare sponges, rags and other household items there. Here's a little secret. Even if the containers are transparent and everything is clearly visible - sign them. This will be a strategic detail of such a practical space when everything is in its place!


System With Drawers

If you're used to storing a little more than a dozen sponges and rags under the sink, containers are better than drawers. Their advantages are obvious: they are roomy, show everything they store and, besides, such a system can be assembled to your taste. Of very cute wicker baskets.


Detergent Rails Under the Sink

Don't stray too far from the sink, we're not done here yet. If you install a crossbar across the drawer under the sink, you can hang all your cleaning supplies on it and still have room for your favorite bucket. Isn't that wonderful?


Beautiful Trash Can

Don't forget that your trash can is also part of the interior. Let it be beautiful and comfortable. Here, of course, it's up to you to choose: will it be an ultra-modern box with a touchless opening or a retro-styled trash can. The main thing is to make it neat and to please you.


Extra Modules for Wall Cabinets

If your hinged cabinet is already full, let's try to improve it a little bit. Buy some inexpensive hinged shelves, which will be attached to the bottom of the cabinet, and fill them to your liking. They're perfect for all sorts of informal little things and anything that never fits anywhere and is always needed. Sink plugs, metal sponges, and bottle caps are now in place.


Deep Baskets for Small Items

We know there are always a couple of jars or lonely bags in the grocery closet that are out of place. To keep them from creating clutter, arrange them into a handy "home". Any good-looking, oversized basket will do. 


Chopping Board Storage Systems

Even if there are no more than three cutting boards in the kitchen, they can create a mess in an instant. To avoid this becoming a problem, we suggest placing them on a special stand. There are many options here: tabletop, recessed into cabinets or hinged on their doors and even on the refrigerator. Let there be any format that is convenient for you.


Space for Baking Paper and Foil

There are a few other problematic players that can ruin the whole team's game. These are foil, baking paper, baking sleeves, and roll bags. As soon as they are stripped of their packaging, they begin to fill the entire space. But that won't happen if each one of them lies in its place. Buy them a regular kitchen appliance organizer and stick it in any narrow drawer. You won't have to worry about anything else.


Fridge Organizers

Comfortable food storage in the refrigerator is an important part of comfort and coziness in the kitchen. With containers, organizers, hanging shelves, it's easy to do that.

To keep your refrigerator shelves clean, use special silicone mats.


Pull-out Table

A great idea to save space in the kitchen. The pull-out table or table is suitable for any size room. It will serve as an additional cutting surface and for eating.


Tin Cans

Unneeded tins painted in bright colors are great for storing tea, coffee, and the larger ones can be adapted for storing cereal and pasta. In addition to their practical function, decorated tins can be kept in plain sight as a decoration.


4 Special Tips for Kitchens

Organize Your Work Area

All the items that are used daily for cooking and serving the table should be placed in close proximity so that you do not waste time looking for them. Then it is worth evaluating the workplace, ideally it should be between the stove and the sink, so it is more convenient to quickly remove dirty dishes from the work area and quickly add ingredients to the dishes cooked on the stove.


Use the Space Below the Ceiling

If the space between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets is empty, it may well be used for storage. It's better to put rarely used or decorative items there.

These can be serving plates that only make it to the table on holidays, bottles of alcohol that don't need to be stored in the refrigerator, a supply of oven mitts or other cooking utensils. If you want visual uniformity, you can buy matching wicker storage baskets.


Don't Forget About the Top of the Fridge 

If the ceilings and height of the refrigerator allow, its top surface can be used to store supplies of dressings, rarely used dishes, kitchen utensils, canned goods and other non-perishable products.


Convenient Storage of Pots and Pans

Pots and pans can be placed on special hanging structures. This solution will not only become a bright accent in the interior, but also significantly reduce the time to find the necessary things. You can also use open shelves or rails for small pans.

If you don't want to accentuate the dishes, you can use cabinets or the oven for storage. For flat pans and small pots, pull-out side and base drawers are suitable. Special organizers for pans and pots help to save space in the kitchen cabinets.