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Hi Lift vs Come Along Winch- All You Need to Know

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Which One Is Better | Hi Lift vs Come Along Winch

It feels terrible.

When your car or truck gets stuck in the snow or mud, then it feels terrible. However, we humans have invented several ways of tackling this problem.

Among those ways, two are highly popular among people. These are-

But it’s painful to keep both of these in the vehicle while traveling. Moreover, these tools have a lot of differences between them. So, there’s always been a debate on the topic ‘come along vs hi lift jack’.

Here’s the thing-

You can use both of these in emergency situations. But which one’s more efficient to whom depends on the person, situation, etc. factors. Here we’ll lay out all the facts and figures about these two tools. Based on those, you have to decide on your own.

Having said that, let’s jump straight to the details-


Basic Knowledge about the Tools

Here we’re guessing that you don’t know what these tools are and how to use these. If you know these primary details, then you can skip this part. Because here we’ll discuss two questions mainly. So, let’s get going-


What is a Comealong Winch?

hi lift jack

Come along winch can often be seen on 4x4 trucks like Jeep. A Come along winch is a handheld device or tool that can pull or lift objects by manipulating power. In Jeep trucks, towing winches could be often seen in front of the bumper. In the device, you’ll find a ratchet and winch system. You’ll find a rachet and a winch system in the device. These systems work together to pull objects.

As a result, you can do logging, fencing and pulling heavy objects to desired locations with the help of the come along winch.

Using a come along is pretty easy. Basically, there should be two objects in the play. The first one will be the object that you want to pull and the second one would be the stationary object. The stationary object is for support.

Long story short, you’ll introduce a tension between the anchor object and the target object. And because of this tension, the target object moves.


What is a Hi Lift vs Come Along Winch?

lift jack

A Hi lift jack is a rugged tool that uses mechanical techniques to enhance power. You can lift heavy objects with your hand produced power because of this tool.

Actually this tool has many usages. Clamping two broken parts, spreading bent cage tubes, winching out of stuck situations; just name it and this lift will do the rest of the work.

Now that we’re done with the basic details of this tool, we can move forward to the next part of the content.


Hi Lift jack or Come Along Winch

Here we will shed light on a few common features of these two tools. We will layout the relative facts and all. Once you’re done exploring the facts, you’ll be able to land on a decision. Now, let’s get along with it-



Tell us the last time you’ve heard of a hi lift jack breaking. It’s hard to recall any such events, right?

On the other hand, it’s almost near to impossible to break the chains of a come along winch. But it is possible.

Basically, breaking both of these tools is possible.

But for that, you must keep the capacity of the tools in mind. You cannot think of lifting up the starship with a hi lift jack, right? It’s the same for the come along winch.

But there’s more here.

If you want to create pull then the come along tool has a slight advantage. A heavy duty come along can create tons of pull force. And if your target object has wheels under it, then you can pull Frankenstein level heavy objects without breaking a sweat. But it all depends upon the anchor object.

The hi lift jack is free from this constraint. As there’s no anchor object, you can lift the car anywhere and anytime you want.



Here we’ll be discussing the size and weight of both these items.

A regular 4 ton come along is around 30 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. This measurement is without the pulling cable or chain.

On the other hand, a regular high lift jack can be around 5 inches long, 10 inches wide and up to 60 inches long.

So, in this area, both are almost the same. If you have a problem with keeping a 60 inches hi lift jack then you can always opt for smaller ones.

Now let’s look at the weight.

We know that you won’t be carrying any of these tools in your hands while traveling. But weight still matters. Basically, weight is a pretty important factor in product convenience.

Having said that, now let’s look at the average weight of these items.

The average weight of a hi lift jack is somewhere around 25 pounds. Due to the steel build, these jacks are pretty heavy.

On the other hand, the average weight of the come along tool is under 8 pounds. But this measurement is without the pulling cable. If the cable weighs another 2 pounds, then we have a total of 10 pounds. Which makes the come along tool the winner in here.

Long story short, the come along tool is much more convenient than the hi lift jack.



Here we cannot go into details. That’s because prices fluctuate a lot. It’s hard to update this piece every time the price of an item changes.

But we have analyzed 10 products from each category for a month. And we have come to a conclusion about the price.

The average price of a come-along winch is lower than the average price of a hi lift jack.


Bottom Line

Now that you know the facts and figures,  we believe that you can come to a conclusion on come along vs hi lift jack.

Ultimately it all depends on you. You can even keep both of these you while traveling. Who knows you may end up using both of these for different situations.

Good luck!



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