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Spring Gardening: 5 Essential Tips

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5 Important Tips To Maintain Your Garden In Spring

Garden decoration ideas diy

Garden decoration ideas diy

Your garden is the first thing any visitor sees when visiting your house and they say that the first impression always matters. What’s the use of decorating your house from the inside only if the most prominent part of your house i.e. your garden is ignored? After the long and harsh winters are over, its finally time you start working on reviving your garden for the spring season making it ready for the season of colors to come.

Gardening is not just a task. It’s a stress reliever, a breath of fresh air, getting you acquainted back to the beautiful outdoors after a whole season of staying crammed up in your house. Some people take it as a hobby and some are just obsessed with it. Anyhow you have to identify what’s the importance of gardening in your life.

As the winter season departs, this is the best time for you to access your garden, get your gardening tools ready and set up, examine the winter damage, cover up the garden holes and spaces and come up with ideas on how to beautify your garden for the upcoming spring season which you can learn from garden maintenance by San Marcos arborists.

Now that we are all pretty excited to get our hands dirty and start working on our gardens, just make sure to remember these five essential tips given below. Outdoor garden expert Openknock have tested these steps to get the outcome of beautiful garden. We have listed after thorough research on how to approach the task step by step and ensure you get the most amazing results in the end.


1. Survey and Clean Your Garden

leaves on ground

leaves on ground

The first and most essential step is to step out and survey your garden to access the winter damage, holes in the ground, overgrown shrubs and weed, and damaged plantation. Start with cleaning out all the fallen leaves and debris from the garden.

Tidy up your flower beds, remove all the weed and shrubs. Ship-shape any overhanging tree branches of greenery. Trim all the perennial plantation that has been damaged. And mow the overgrown or damaged grass.


2. Tune Up Your Tools

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Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

After the great winter break, all the tools stored in your garage need to be serviced and sharpened to be able to work their best for the upcoming season.

Get your lawn mowers serviced and their blades sharpened for the perfect trim. Clean, oil/lubricate and line up all your tools so that you know if something is missing, and you can order it beforehand.


3. Test And Feed Your Soil



Experts recommend that you should refresh your garden soil every 3 to 5 years. Testing your soil beforehand can give insight on the shortfall or excess of any minerals in your soil like if there is high phosphorus then you avoid adding fertilizers that have a lot of it.

 After testing, when you know the needs of your soil then with the help of experts at gardening centers you can figure out which kind of fertilizers, manure, compost or mulch to feed your soil.


4. Add New Plants And Colors To Your Garden

Garden for fall

Garden for fall

Once you are done with the cleanup and refreshing your soil for the next season, it’s time to add new and colorful flowers, plants and trees to your garden. You can plant different flowers like tulips, pansies, lilacs and Snapdragons for nice addition of colors to your spring garden. Another option are beautiful fruits trees like the Meyer lemon tree or a kaffir lime.

Other than that, you can also plant seasonal vegetables in your garden like peas, tomatoes, lettuce etc. giving you both a healthy-looking garden and benefit of enjoying fresh harvest from your garden.


5. Plan Ahead for The Rest of Your Spring Season



The best you can do after reviving your winter garden is to plan ahead for rest of the spring season. As it requires effort and care to keep the garden well maintained and colorful all through the season. Do keep in mind to use pesticides to protect your garden from any insects that could harm your plantation.

During the mid-spring season, you can make new flower beds to plant some new more robust foliage that can last you yearlong and mulch your garden again. Through the late spring you should focus on removing the all the deadheads and bulbs, get rid of any shrubs and outgrowths in your garden for it to keep looking fresh and healthy throughout.


Pro Tips

Since you have put so much effort into beatifying your garden why not take some extra measures to make it stand out? There are various decorations you can put up to make it look amazing and more aesthetically pleasing. Few of which are as below, you can use more of your creativity as you please:

  • Put up a DIY rockery fountain in the corner of your garden for aesthetics.
  • Create your own DIY lights by decorating plastic bottles and hang them around the garden
  • Set up DIY birdbaths in your garden using terra cotta saucers.
  • Put up your own small bird nests into your garden trees to attract birds, it looks really pretty as well.
  • Buy a set of lawn chairs and table and set up a cozy sitting space to enjoy your beautiful spring garden. Something like zero gravity chairs which comes with multiple sizes and color can be a great fit. As it suitable for outdoor places and portable for travelling.
  • If your garden is big enough make a walk way your self-using plantation on the sides and an entrance arch using plantation.
  • Repaint your garden fences to make them look fresh for the coming spring season. Generally you can choose the white color because it fits very well in most of the gardens.



Gardening is not only a healthy activity but also gives you a beautiful outcome for your efforts. When the right steps are followed and a little love and attention is given then you can definitely bear the fruit of enjoying a beautiful and colorful garden in the end that will leave an ever lasting impression on your visitors and neighbors.



More Tips For Your Spring Gardening In The Video





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