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Top 8 Bathroom Renovation Ideas & Cost Price Tips For All

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Top 8 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Ideas is no easy task. Everything has to look neat, stylish and modern after the remodeling but the plumbing has to be executed perfectly so leaks would appear soon after. That’s why you need to consider various aspects of the sprucing up and apply several design solutions. The top 8 considerations when renovating your bathroom should be as follows.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Remodel

 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The threshold of the walk in shower

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

How To Replace A Shower Head

A walk in shower is a must in Bathroom Renovation Ideas design but must be built professionally. Namely, there is a threshold around its edges that allows the water to flow into the shower drain, rather than outside of the cabin. This means that there should be a minimal gravitational drop in the surface that you won’t feel when standing but will be enough to prevent the shower from overflowing. Done correctly, a curbless shower will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Quartz Bathroom Countertops


Bathroom mats

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Carpet Materials

Tiles in the Bathroom Renovation Ideas should have a glow to them but their surface is still going to be slippery, even if they come with anti-slip finishing. Furthermore, it impossible to walk out of a shower without spilling some water on the floor, adding to the risk of slipping. A single stylish bathroom mat will be enough to soak in all the excess water and allow for a more efficient cleaning procedure. If your bathroom is large in size, then you can add more mat; next to the toilet bowl, for example.


Avoid cold spots

Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Bathroom Renovation Ideas corners, especially if the shower is located there are considered “cold spots.” The cooling effect, which no one wants to experience during showering in winter, is further enhanced if the walls of the bathroom are outside walls of the house or a building. Since these walls usually come with an indentation designed for storing shampoos, soap bars, and hair conditioners, you should add extra insulation before you glue the tiles back on the wall.


Bathroom rendering

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

How to install a bathroom light fixture without a junction box

Speaking of the bathroom walls, rendering them can help eliminate any insulation problems altogether. Rendering acts as an extra layer of insulation that prevents the heat from escaping the bathroom. Moreover, cement bathroom rendering allows excess moisture and damp air to safely escape through the walls, making the room breathable. This becomes useful if you live in a region with a harsh difference in air temperature in summer and in winter.


The issue of privacy

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Beautiful Bathroom

Rare are the bathrooms that are frequented by a single person. The toilet room design allows for an increased level of privacy when two people are inside the bathroom. This is often the case in big families or with couples living together. It’s all about the angles and the placement of mirrors that allows for the greatest level of privacy in the water room that is often quite small in size.


Leave the plumbing exposed

If you’re aiming for an industrial look in your bathroom, then you can leave the plumbing out in the open. For instance, there is no need to hide pipes and hoses attached to the washbasin tap. If they are enameled, corrosion should not be an issue. The same cannot be said of the electric wiring, so these cords should be concealed by walls or a plastic casing. Finally, make sure that the lighting fixtures inside the bathroom are well outside the reach of splashing water.


Ambient lighting

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Vanity Bathroom

Speaking of lighting fixtures, you should track to break from the mold of a single lightbulb on the ceiling. Led technology offers so many possibilities for ambient lighting that it’s a shame not to tap into all this potential. The vanity mirror can be decorated with a multicolored LED strip along its edges. A simple remote or a switch on the back will allow you to change the color of the light and regulate its intensity.

As the apex of bathroom luxury, you could go with LED lights in the toilet bowl or a bidet. They are fairly easy to install as they come as toilet bowl attachments. They are so powerful that you won’t even have to switch on the light in the bathroom in order to use the toilet in a pitch-black room.


A towel warmer will get you far

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

towel warmer

Once you’ve ensured that there are warmth and fuzziness all around you, it would be a bummer to wrap yourself with a cold towel, wouldn’t it? This definitely won’t be the case if you add a towel warmer to the bathroom. It connects to the existing hot water plumbing, acting as an extra heating body (goodbye portable heaters) and as a towel rail. Just make sure you install it on a wall large enough because they take up several square meters of vertical space.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

These are only the top 8 things to take into consideration but you can use your imagination to come up with more novelty bathroom ideas. Like the living room or the bedroom, the bathroom is one of the top priorities in interior design. If you cannot feel relaxed inside your spruced up bathroom, where can you!







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