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Home Etiquette | 5 Easy Home Upgrades & Home Rules For Family

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Really Simple & Easy DIY Upgrades for a Home Etiquette

Home Etiquette

Home Rules for family

Home Etiquette: When you have your own home, you naturally want to do everything in your power to make it as safe and as healthy as possible. You want guests to feel good when they visit, but you also want what’s best for your family. This is the reason why so many of us are always on the lookout for different ways that could upgrade our homes and make them healthier. Even though some hazards can’t be avoided, there is much that you can do to create a healthy and wholesome nest for your entire family.

At-Home Etiquette & Manners. Very practical home upgrades for healthier homes. How correct home upgrades help uplift whole family morale and vibes inside homes.

You May Be Surprised To Read These 5 Very Easy Upgrades for a Healthier Home 

Lets get on to these home rules for family


Stop the threat at the door

As hard as we try, we sometimes bring health hazards with us when we walk through the front door. You can prevent this with a few simple changes: during hay fever season, thoroughly brush off your jackets and coats, and the rest of your outerwear before you step foot inside the house. If you’ve taken your pets out for a walk, brush their fur too. Keep a mat in front of your door and another one in your hallway, and try to pick the ones that are simple to clean (there are mats that can be washed down with a hose).

No-shoes policy [Home Rules For Family]

Regardless of whether we’re talking about your children’s flip-flops or your best shoes for special occasions, they have one thing in common: they bring dirt into your home! It’s not uncommon for some people to keep their shoes on when they come into the house, but it’s best you refrain from this practice. You never know just how much dirt and bacteria you’ve picked up on your way home, and taking your shoes off is a good idea. Keep a stash of slippers by your front door so that you can keep your feet warm when you remove your shoes and don’t be afraid to inform your guests of the no-shoes-indoors rule.

Breathe clean air [Home Upgrades]

Home Etiquette

Home Upgrades

Try to make it a habit to open your windows for at least five minutes every morning, even when it’s cold in winter. Indoor air can contain up to five times more chemical pollutants than the outdoor one, so make sure you open your windows every day. People with allergies already know how important it is to clear out any impurities from the air, but even if you don’t have any allergies, you should find a good air purifier because it will make you healthier. With an air purifier, you can be sure that any dust particles, pollutants, and allergens will be filtered out.

Drink purified water [Make This Home Etiquette]

Home Etiquette

Water Heater Not Hot Enough

For most people, a good pitcher filter is a must-have, and you probably have yours ever since you moved away from home. Still, even though it might look great even after many years, you should consider an upgrade. Water quality is incredibly important in a home, and if you have the means, you should definitely consider getting a good, commercial-grade water filtration system. Even though it might seem like something that will inconvenience you and make you change your entire plumbing system, it’s just a five-minute fix. This way, the water you drink won’t have any traces of chemicals, lead, or any odor at all.

Mind the paint [Think Of Home Rule]

Home Etiquette

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry on Different Materials

EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) stated that architectural coatings such as wall paints and stains aren’t safe. Similar to cars, these products produce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, and when you use them, you are harming both the planet and your own health. If you’re working on home upgrades that require you to seal wood or do some painting, you should try to find products that either emit low VOCs or don’t emit them at all. There are adhesives and caulks that are low-toxic, whose base is plain water, and whose odor isn’t as harsh.

We are all aware of the fact that life can be risky sometimes, which is why we put so much thought and effort into protecting ourselves and our homes. If you decide to follow our suggestions and upgrade your home, you will be surprised just how much healthier everyone in your family will be – pets included! Do a bit of research, try a few things, and see for yourself just how much better your life and health are going to be.






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