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Lighting Design Ideas for Your Living Room That Will Brighten Things Up Instantly

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Home Decor Using Lighting Design To Brighten Things Up Instantly

Lighting Design Ideas

Types Of Lighting

Lighting Design Ideas is about many things. Regardless of the fact that you need taste, style and careful planning. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to interior design which is probably why many people hire decorators to deal with all the mess. Of course, there are good ones and bad ones, not to mention the issue of their services being quite pricey. For these reasons, as well as many others, some people decide to embark on the adventure that is decorating independently. Rather than the big things everyone talks about, good interior design often is about the details everyone else tends to forget. One of those things include good lighting and we’re here to give you a few pointers when it comes to the subject.

A good lighting plan combines all four types to light (hard light, soft light, specular and diffused light) an area, according to function and style. General Lighting provides an area with overall illumination.

Four Types Of Lighting Design Ideas

1. Hard light

2. Soft light

3. Specular

4. Diffused light. 


There are five common types of industrial lighting used nowadays

1. Halogen

2. Incandescent

3. Fluorescent

4. High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

5. LED

Lighting Design Ideas

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Now lets look into actual lighting design ideas for our rooms - Lets Brighten Things Up Instantly

1. Warm lights

Lighting Design Ideas

Home Decoration With Lighting

There are various types of lights you can opt for and the craze of having white lights in your house has become too large over the years, especially in Australia. Truth be told, having white lights in your home isn’t the best option, especially in places where you spend a lot of time. Your living room, study and bedroom should have natural yellow lights that give out a welcoming vibe, rather than a hospital-like one. Blue LED Lighting Design Ideas suppress melatonin which promotes sleep, so having these lights in your bedroom can actually harm your sleeping rhythm or cause insomnia. In order to keep the inside of your house looking friendly, stick to the yellowish notes.


2. Dimmer switches

Lighting Design Ideas

Light Dimmer

The main thing that every home needs when it comes to Lighting Design Ideas is introducing dimmer switches in every room. It simply doesn’t make sense to have the same light intensity at all times in every room. It would be nice to have something between zero and one hundred, and dimmer switches are just the right solution. Whether you want to have romantic lights, wine-drinking and chatting with friends or just a calm tea drinking on your own after a long day at work, you need a low-intensity light. Since DIY-ing with electricity is strictly prohibited in Australia, finding an expert electrician in Sydney is inevitable, so you need to do your research well and hire a pro to handle these switches for you.


3. Lamps for creativity

Lighting Design Ideas

Lighting Design

Lamps are both cute and useful and they come in various forms and sizes. That means you can almost always find just the right one for your room. If you wish to introduce some mystery to your living room or bedroom, combine several types of lamps that emit different kind of lights for the best effect. When the night falls and you kill the main source of Lighting Design Ideas and just leave the lamps, it is a decoration on its own. It’s cute, homey and romantic and can be enjoyed on many occasions. Naturally, they can and should also be used for practical reasons near a reading chair or on your bedside, but it’s playful to use them as decorations.


4. Add a centerpiece

Don’t make all your ceiling lights the same and ruin the fun. You can go crazy in all the rooms of your house, except perhaps the bathroom and the kitchen, for practical reasons. It can be a romantic or pompous foyer chandelier or some kind of a modern item you put up as a centerpiece, depending on the design of the whole room, but it can easily put emphasis on the focal point of the room and give it a sense of completion. You can add same or similar style assisting lights in the same room above a bookshelf or a wardrobe. There can also be random wall Lighting Design Ideas of the same style whose purpose is just to create better harmony.

Decorating your own interior is never easy and it always demands a lot of time and money. Whether you choose a designer or decide to do it on your own, it’s going to be a lot of work. However, if you take a deep breath, plan the whole thing and take it step by step, you’ll be fine. It may take a while, but the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, in the end, will make it all worth your while.

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