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Handle with Care: 5 Tips for Packing Box Lists and Transporting Art and Delicate Furniture

Packing Box Lists

Packing Tips

Packing Box Lists: Some may say that moving house isn’t stressful but these are mostly people who never moved in their entire life. You can as well-organized as possible but something will always come up and ensure that your move doesn’t go as smoothly as you imagined. Probably the last thing you want to happen is to have your valuable art and delicate furniture get damaged. With that said, let's take a closer look at five tips for packing and transporting these things, even if you've made a full decision to hire one of the professional local movers nj.


1. Choose your boxes carefully

You might not believe it but not all moving boxes are alike. There are boxes that have been specifically designed to fit stuff such as china and chandeliers and using them for your move is one of the best ways to ensure your art and expensive decorations stay in one piece. For smaller items, you can even consider getting plastic boxes as they offer more protection. Even though these they can be expensive, you can save plastic boxes after your move and use them for storage. When it comes to packing furniture into boxes, there might be Auckland-based furniture stores that can sell these to you for cheap. If not, make sure you look up these boxes online.

Also wrap heaviest items first with bubble wrap or packing paper and place them in the bottom of the packing box. Wrap lighter items with bubble wrap or packing paper and separate them from items in the bottom of the packing box with cushion foam. Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

Packing Box Lists

Bubble Wrap For Fragile


2. Tuck everything in

If you want your art and furniture to survive the entire trip, it’s extremely important to take a few extra minutes and add another layer of protection before transporting them to your new home. In case we’re talking about are and furniture with removable pieces, detaching them and packing them separately is recommended. Just don’t forget to check how to assemble them before you start moving. Also, you might want to label all the boxes with art and furniture pieces to make putting them together easier. Use moving blankets to wrap every pieces separately and ensure nothing gets damaged during the process.


3. Turn to pros

Transporting all of your stuff in your car often looks like a great way to save money. The problem is, many art and furniture pieces are often too big to fit into a regular car. Even if they do, there’s a big chance these things get damaged and significantly drop in value. Luckily, you can always turn to a company that specializes in truck rental in Auckland and transport large art and furniture pieces in a truck that can fit all your valuables. The best part of it is that you get a chance to arrange these things however you want. This can help when it comes to protecting tiny art pieces that break easily.

Packing Box Lists

Packing Box


4. Label all your boxes

We already mentioned just how important labeling your boxes is. Still, there are even more benefits that labeling your boxes comes with. For example, as long as you know what’s in each box, you’ll be able to arrange your boxes in a way that expensive art and furniture simply can’t get damaged. This means that larger pieces go first while more delicate items come on top. When labeling your boxes, it’s a good idea to use colors to avoid forgetting where you packed your items. For example, try using red for boxes which are full of small and valuable art pieces. If you want to take your color code to the next level, use colored packing tape to seal your boxes.


5. Ask for help

This one might sound obvious but you’d be surprised to see how many people decide to execute the move themselves. There’s no need to say that having a few people helping you can make the entire process more efficient but it also means your art and furniture will be taken better care of. This is especially the case with heavy objects that you can’t move on your own. These are usually large furniture pieces such as beds, sofas and dining tables. There’s nothing wrong about asking your friends and family first as they‘re the ones who should be eager to give you a helping hand.

There’s no point in moving to a new home if your most valuable items won’t survive the trip. Follow the five tips covered in this post and you can be assured your art and furniture will arrive at your new doorstep in one piece.


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Packing Box Lists

Moving Boxes


1) Research is the key to the labyrinth of the unknown:
2) Hire cost-effective Professional Movers:
3) Planning is the first step; the rest just follows:
4) Children have fertile hearts, mould them the good way:
5) Leaving should be memorable, not sorrowful:
6) Acceptance is the key to happiness:
7) The habit has a single “b” in it:
8) Get enough sleep:
9) Ask someone for help:


Home Moving Tips | Preparing your Home for Moving

Packing Box Lists

Moving Companies

  1. Move Personal Belongings First
  2. Do not forget cleaning
  3. Cancel or Transfer Service
  4. Plan Meticulously with much Detail


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