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Know These Things Before Adding New Home extension

Are you thinking of adding a new room to your home? Or perhaps extending your patio?

Well,  the outcome might certainly be amazing, but the process of getting there is going to be a lot of work. So, to make your design dreams come true, it's best to be organized and well informed about everything that's needed.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before venturing into your renovation journey.

Home extension Steps

#1. Plan it Out

 Home extension

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The first step to any home renovation project is to make a plan.  You should think about why you want this additional area in your house. What do you want in this room, and how big should it be? 

Leaving these choices for later is a bad idea because you need to prepare for all these amenities and layouts beforehand. People often start off with a project and get carried away, ultimately creating a mess.

So it’s always better to have your goals set in mind. And do make sure you consult with everyone in the family, because it’s very difficult to make changes later!


#2. Do Your Research

Now that you’ve decided on what type of extension you want, it’s time to look for a little inspiration. This is where all those home magazines and pinterest posts you’ve been saving will come in handy.

Scour the internet for ideas, and pick out the ones that you love. But make sure it’s realistic and fits with your house.Explore all the different materials and textures you can use, and do some in-depth research on your own. Before you show professionals, you need to have somewhat of an idea of what you want.

It’s also important to have a clear idea on what legal documents and permits you need, and start gathering them. These can be tricky issues that might haunt you later on in the project.


#3. Hire a Professional

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If you’re thinking you can do this project on your own, I hate to break it to you - but home additions are not your everyday DIY project. These are on a much larger scale and you need professional opinions and help.

Only an architect can tell you what is possible with the space and layout you have, and give you the best possible outcome. They’ll have ideas and tips that you’d never be able to imagine.

Hiring an architect might be expensive, but it will definitely save you extra costs in the future. You don’t want to mess up the renovation, or make a mistake in an essential part of planning because this will cost you even more to fix.


#4. Budget Properly

This is clearly one of the least fun aspects of a home renovation project. I mean. Who wants to think about the cost of building a garage extension, when all they want to do is design and make it as fancy as possible?

Unfortunately, this is the real world and you can’t ignore the issue of money. You must be aware of the expenses beforehand and be prepared for hidden costs as well.

From the cost of materials to hiring professionals, try to take as much into account as you can at first.  If you do enough research and actually take time into the planning, you’ll be able to make smarter, more cost effective choices. Also, be frank with your architect about your budget.

However, it is important to remember not to be stingy, Know where to splurge and where to save!


#5. Evaluate Your House

Before you proceed with anything at all, you’ll need to do a thorough evaluation of your house. It’s important to know where the electricity and water lines are, and the capacity of your systems.

So get your contractor to do a thorough checkup, and don’t wait for them to do it later. This evaluation should be done right at the beginning because I’m sure you won’t want any crazy surprises mid way.

When you know the problems with your space early on, it’s much easier to solve them effectively at a lower price.


#6. Be Careful About the Building Materials

 Home extension

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Choosing the right building materials is one of the most difficult part of a home addition, especially if your house is really old.  You want the extension to look like a part of your house, and not just an addition.

So if your entire house has a certain type of flooring, your new space should have the same. What’s more, you can’t ignore the tiny details either. Even things like different window blinds and crown molding in the new space are going to make your house look weird.


#7. Keep Your Expectations Realistic

After all the planning, evaluating and budgeting, you’ll have a good enough idea of what to expect. You know how much you’re going to spend, and why you couldn’t proceed with your initial plans. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the pinterest renovation you expected.

It’s also very important to stick to your goals. Renovation projects are a vortex that will keep you looking at more things to add and fix. However, you should keep your main objectives and mind, and know when to stop.


#8. Don’t Forget to Let Your Neighbours Know

Starting a renovation project means lots of noise, dust and activity that will not only affect you, but your whole neighbourhood. So be decent, and actually discuss your intentions of building with your neighbours before hand.

 Talking about it early on and apologizing for inconveniences will make them less annoyed and make life much easier for you.


Final Thoughts 

All this just falls under the initial stages of construction. But when you have these issues under control, and a clear idea of what you're going to do, the rest of the process is going to be a lot easier.

Remember, thinking of the bigger picture and scrutinizing the details beforehand will save you a lot of trouble in the future. This isn't to say that you won't encounter any obstacles. But staying prepared will keep you a lot more sane.

So, go on and build the house of your dreams - and make sure to have fun in the process!



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