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Top 10 Pro Tips To Keep Up Home Fixer Upper Maintenance

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Best Ideas For Home Fixer Upper & Maintenance

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Are you wondering why is best home fixer upper maintenance  so much important? Owning a home brings a lot more responsibility than renting. If something is worn out or broke down, there won’t be any landlord to come and fix the problem; being the owner, you have to take care of all the things. Home maintenance is crucial to prevent the systems and appliances from probable wear and tear. It saves a lot of money because $1 spent on Best Home fixer upper Maintenance can save $100 that will be spent on repairs otherwise.

A home operates within different seasons, hunkering down for winters and coming back to life in the spring- just like a living thing. Different seasons cast different effects on the house. Start of summer is the best time to inspect your home in Seattle to ensure that your home isn’t affected much by previous seasons and to keep it in tip-top condition for the extra rays of summer along with probable damages of spring. We have scoured a list for annual Best Home Maintenance to guide you through the whole process:


1: Patch-up and Protect your roof as Home Fixer Upper

Roof issues are harder to monitor during rainy days and wet seasons, so the start of summer is the best time to inspect the shingles of your house. Walk around your roof and thoroughly look at the condition of the shingles along with keeping an eye on the broken and loose ones. Also, check for breaks and seals in roofing material and follow-up on moss treatments as well. Don’t use a pressure washer to remove the remaining moss as the water can penetrate underneath.


2: Siding Repair By  Home Maintenance 

Remove grit, mildew, and grime from all types of sidings (wood, vinyl, fiber-cement, bricks). Get started with a bucket and soapy water and divide your sidings into ten-foot sections. Work from bottom to top to avoid streaking and scrub them with a soft-bristled brush. Siding repair is not a tough and hectic job & You can also get it done professionally by someone who is an expert in home siding repair if you have the budget and want to save your time.


3: Repair and clean the gutters

Gutters control the flow of rain and thus play a vital role in protecting your  home maintenance 3. These can easily get clogged and ripped off causing a serious problem as the accumulated water can damage the siding of your roofs. Ensure that downspouts are shooting the water away enough from the foundation of the house.


4: Paint and repair the deck

Decks are used much more in summers in the Pacific Northwest. You should clean and paint the decks before letting your children enjoy using it. Clean the wood surface and paint it. This is important for the wellness of your family members and gives a fresh look to the exterior of your house.


5: Inspect and clean the chimneys

You need to get the chimneys cleaned professionally by the certified chimney sweep every two years. It is important to clean it if you use your fireplace often and, in Seattle, there is no better time to get it done than summers. Check the firebox for losing joints and cracks. Clean it thoroughly to ensure that the chimney is unobstructed of debris and leaves that may have fallen into it during the fall season.


6: Repair cracked or peeling paint

You should do a premier check of the interior and exterior of your house to look for peeling or cracked paint. VOC paints are made with less harmful chemicals that won’t make your family sick. Allow the quality to be your guide and get the matched color by professionals for the wellness of your house and family.


7: Inspect doors for gaps

Winter cold can harden or crack the caulk and other weather seals as well. The doors can be cracked as well. Thoroughly inspect the doors for any type of gaps and cracks, get it repaired as needed. Cold air slipping in around the windows and doors can result in higher heating bills in winters. Hence, you should carefully touch-up any voids or cracks of doors.


8: Clean and repair window screens

It’s time to take a closer and thorough look at the window screens to check for any rips or tears. Wash the window screens with soap and water to get a clear view. Everyone enjoys some fresh air in springs so you should get your windows clean by home maintenance 3 to let some fresh air come into your house. Look for any gaps due to the cracking and hardening of caulk and get them fixed. 


9: Flooring

The floorings of all kinds including bamboo, reclaimed hardwoods, Marmoleum (non-toxic sheet material), cork, and tiles are easy to clean as the toxins are not allowed to build-up If you want to have a carpet, you should use a super-dense and natural wool carpet to keep your family safe. If needed, get the laminated floors repaired as it increases the curb appeal of your house as well. 


10: Plumbing

Look for small leaks, catch defects, and repair them well before they become a daunting problem for you. You should check your septic systems and other water-related appliances like washing machines, boilers, sinks, and dishwashers. A leak under the sink or around the toilet can rot the wooden cabinets, flooring, pipe corrosion, and even can result in molds under there. Plumbing damages are more costly to repair, that’s why you should inspect the leakages more often to maintain your house.

Thus,  home maintenance 3 includes a whole lot of different activities to prevent the detrimental effects of weather and prolonged use. As a homeowner, you should be concerned about these above-mentioned issues and should come up with an efficient schedule to maintain your house in good condition. For your ease, you can spread out the activities over different days and can follow the schedule to get the best out of it. 


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