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What You Need To Know About NOVA Windows Service And Its Benefits

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What Is NOVA Windows Service And Its Benefits

Your home's windows aren't indestructible. These openings can get damaged from age or the elements. But, window installation and repair might not be part of your expertise. If so, it's best to leave these tasks in the hands of established professionals. You can contact NOVA window services for that much-needed professional assistance.

Who is NOVA Exteriors?

NOVA Windows Service

windows service

NOVA Exteriors is a company dedicated to installing windows, doors, siding, and roofing to cater to the different needs of homeowners in the Greater Washington, DC, area. This firm has the goal of becoming a leader in installing and replacing windows to suit needs and align home renovation dreams.

Hire NOVA’s services for window installation and repair to give your home an upgrade. This company is also an exclusive provider of Verde Windows.

What Are Verde Windows?

Verde Windows help homes become greener households. The brand aims to bring eco-friendly windows to homes to reduce energy emissions and help the environment at the same time. The company’s offerings have specific features, like:

Self-tensioning balances

Custom-manufactured on 1/8-inch increments

Double-contoured sculptured design

Triple weatherstrip seals

NOVA Exteriors help homeowners replace current windows with these eco-friendly models. As a result, your dwelling will get benefits, such as:

Energy Efficiency

Verde Windows features UltraCore™ insulation technology, which is a double contoured narrow-line construction that features a polyurethane core. These components add beauty and durability to windows. Think of it as locking heat and cold in your home, similar to a freezer door.


Many homeowners find it cumbersome to clean their windows frequently. Verde Windows alleviates that concern by offering self-cleaning units. The brand created a layer on their windows that breaks down dirt with the help of the sun’s rays. This feature eliminates the need for chemical cleaners, which may harm the health of household members, as well as the environment.

One rainy afternoon is all it takes to wash the dirt away to make your windows look brand new once more.

Durability And Stability

Reduce outdoor noise with the help of self-tensioning balances of Verde Windows. Sound vibrations may loosen parts that will eventually invite unnecessary noise to your home. Reduce that probability with the brand’s secure durability and stability brought by their openings.

Aside from these benefits, Verde Windows also offers open-cell PolyFoam wrap insulation to its offered windows. This feature helps prevent draft and heat loss in the premises.

Are There Other Nova Window Services Style Being Offered?

NOVA Windows Service


Aside from the Verde Windows, NOVA Exteriors also offer other styles for your home’s openings. These styles include:

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows offer superior ventilation and minimal maintenance. These openings are also aesthetically adaptable to fit various home colors, styles, and finishes. Moreover, this window type offers energy efficiency to households as it delivers a generous amount of light to rooms. 

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have fewer components when compared to traditional double-hung windows. Thus, these don’t need high-maintenance practices, making them a cost-efficient option for residential homes. These openings are also easy to use and only require minimal dexterity and effort to open and close.

Casement Windows

Consider replacing conventional openings with casement windows when moving to a new house. Manufacturers of these windows offer these openings in a broad range of designs, materials, and sizes. Casement windows provide excellent ventilation to homes, thanks to their construction. These models open from the side to let a sufficient amount of air into dwellings.

Awning Windows

Awning windows provide air-tight weather-sealed constructions ideal for damp climates. But, this type of window tends to be high up on walls. So, you can still experience a good amount of ventilation from it.

Picture Windows

Picture windows provide excellent insulation for homes, which is ideal for residences to maintain comfortable temperatures during the cold winter months. These openings also come in a range of shapes and sizes, but most of the designs allow entry to a suitable amount of natural light.

Bay And Bow Windows

Install these windows to a home exuding contemporary design. Bay and bow windows offer a clean and modern look while providing excellent ventilation and view as well. Install these openings to help increase your property’s curb appeal if you’re planning to sell your home.

Ask the company today for more details about the windows that are best suited for your residence.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Nova Window Services?

Numerous benefits are in store for people in the greater DC area who opt for the services of NOVA Exteriors.

First, you can request a free estimate for your window installation. Other companies might need you to shell out cash for an inspector to check the windows of your home. But, NOVA Exteriors doesn't require you to pay during the initial consultation. You can request a consultation from the company's website or give them a call.

Next, this window-servicing company has been in the industry for over two decades. The firm prides itself on bringing its professional services to different homes in VA, MD, and DC. Moreover, NOVA Exteriors and its staff members have already helped several residences in accomplishing over 10,000 successful installations since the brand's inception in 1995.

This door and window installation company also has a team of experts fully-equipped with the tools and training to cater to the particular needs of its customers. Working with this team of professional door and window installers are qualified subcontractors to ensure high-quality of work for each job.

Also, the company offers payment plans that fit different budgets. Ask its project consultants for a detailed outline of fees and payment schedules to outfit your spending allowance on their expert window installation and replacement services.


NOVA Exteriors caters to window installation and replacement services in the Greater Washington, DC, area. Homeowners can take advantage of this company’s services to install durable windows that fit different home designs. You can also ask for a free consultation to see which window style suits your home the best. This company also offers other services, like door installation and siding replacements. Set a schedule for the initial consultation today to take advantage of the brand’s services soon.





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