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10 Home Fixes You Must Complete Before Selling

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landsccape home

Selling a house is more work than most people assume. Homeowners that have never sold a house assume that all that needs to be done is take photos and post them on listing websites. However, preparing a home for sale is a lot of work, and it helps to improve the value of the home and sell faster. Below are some fixings you must complete before putting a house on sell;

1. The Kitchen

kitchen architecture

kitchen architecture

The kitchen is one of the essential parts of the house. The state of the kitchen helps to sell the house faster. It is also one of the most used rooms in the home, especially if the owners can cook. Because kitchens are used so much, they are prone to some damages like broken cabinets, clogged sinks, and the likes. Before selling your house, it would be wise to consider changing your countertops, outdated tiles, and appliances that are either broken or obsolete. When making the changes, make sure to look for reasonably priced options because you do not want to spend more money than you can afford.


2. Flooring

The quality of the flooring in your house will help to increase the value of the property. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford to pay for different fixes before selling, it would be wise to prioritize the floors over all other areas. Updating the floors would not cost a lot of money since there are several cheap options from which you can choose. Such choices include wood plank tiles and laminated flooring. Changing the floors of a house helps to transform the look of the space. This could be the wow factor you need to get so as to sell house fast.


3. Landscaping



The exterior look of the house causes potential buyers to want to go inside. It may also influence the choice of buyers in a significant way. Therefore, before you place your home on sale, make sure to work on the landscaping. Trim down overgrown plants and take care of those that are worn and wilted. Overgrown plants could hinder the view of your house. Consider freshly mulching the planting beds and rocks. Landscaping the exteriors of your home could help drive the house prices, especially for expensive investments. Do this before taking the photos that you will use on listings.


4. The windows and doors

If you are selling an older home, you may want to fix all broken or cracked windows. This would especially be important if the house is old and has not been used for at least a year. Issues with windows and door fixtures are the first things that potential buyers when they look at the house. You want to make sure that you do not lose a potential buyer because of issues that would cost you a tiny amount to fix.


5. Toilets

Toilets are perhaps at the top of the list when it comes to the most used rooms in the house. They are, therefore, prone to damages like nonstop running, loose bases, and broken tiles. Before you place your home on sale, you may want to fix all the small issues, including those that the client is not likely to notice. The chances are that even if the client does not notice the problem before buying when they start using the facility, they will demand repairs. You can avoid such costs by repairing all the issues beforehand.


6. Bathrooms



Fixing the bathrooms for sale can be as easy as having the grout on the existing tile steam cleaned. Regrouting would also come in handy if necessary. Other fixes like caulking, installing a new plumbing system, and replacing old light fixtures would also spruce up the look of your bathroom.


7. Sinks and drains

If the shower and sink drain in your house is slow or blocked, you may want to fix the issue before selling. Taking care of such repairs should not cost you a lot of money. Some of these issues are as easy to handle as removing a hairball from the drain. You can, therefore, take care of such matters without hiring professional services. For instance, you can unclog the drain using natural remedies like a drain snake clog or a mixture of vinegar and baking powder.


8. Basements

One thing that most buyers dread is a musty basement. A wet smell characterizes a musty basement. The damp odor can sometimes be smelled from other parts of the house. Such issues can, however, be resolved using a dehumidifier or by sealing walls. If there are other issues like the penetration of water, you may want to solve them before a sale. Fixing the walls without tacking the source of the problem is equivalent to wasting money. For such fixings, you can hire professional help. The expert will help you find the cause of the problem and come up with a permanent solution.


9. Walls

You also want to fix issues with both interior and exterior walls. For the exterior walls, look out for items like water stains from the drainage pipes and worn-out paint jobs. A fresh coat of paint would go a long way in improving the appearance of the house. Look out for wood rots and take care of them as well. Also, go through the interior walls and check for dents and dings, scratched moldings, and worn paint. Make not to use neutral colors that the new owners of the house will find attractive. Some colors may turn off clients instead of attracting them.


10. Electricity

It is also crucial that you check on the electric fixtures, switches, and the wiring of the house. Make sure all the light bulbs and switches are working well. Check the integrity of the electrical systems is in check.



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