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8 Inevitable Tools & Supplies For Every Home Improvement DIY

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Home Improvement DIY Tool Guides

Home Improvement DIY Tools


When it comes to making repairs or renovations to your home, it can be challenging to decide if you should call a contractor or do it yourself. Should you decide to do it yourself, this can save you a lot of money. It can also instill in you a sense of pride and accomplishment because you completed the job.

When you decide you want to do some DIY projects around your house, it’s important to have the right tools. Below is a list of essential tools that may come in handy no matter which DIY job you decide to undertake.


Home Improvement DIY Tools

There are a variety of different projects you can do that will require a hammer. From woodworking to simply hanging a photo, having a hammer will make these jobs so much simpler. Having a hammer with a claw back is even better, as this will allow you to pull out stubborn nails or other elements that are challenging to remove.


Home Improvement DIY Tools


There are so many things in your house that are fastened together with screws, it’s imperative that you have a screwdriver to work with them. Essentially, you need the two basic types: a flat head and a Philips head. Of course, if you get screwdrivers that have the capability of having the head switched out, you can have attachments to take care of any screws that you might encounter.

Tape Measure

Home Improvement DIY Tools

Get measurements

Probably the most important tool you need in your toolbox is a tape measure. Many of the items you create or fix require specific measurements. Being able to make those measurements accurately and precisely is imperative. Have a tape measure will help with so many different tasks.

Adjustable Wrench

Home Improvement DIY Tools


If items in your house aren’t attached with nails or screws, they are probably held together with nuts and bolts. If you want to be able to remove or tighten these items, then you need to have a wrench. If you have an adjustable wrench, you’ll be able to have it match the size of any nut or bolt you encounter.

If you are planning on doing any of your own plumbing, then having a wrench is a must. Many of the fixtures and pipes are connected by screwing pieces together. Again, having one that is adjustable will allow you to tackle any job that arises.


Home Improvement DIY Tools


When working on your various DIY projects, you will inevitably come across something that has to be pulled or twisted out of something else. When your hand strength won’t get the job done, having a pair of pliers will be invaluable.

Waist Nail Apron

When working on various projects, having your tools close can make the job that much easier. While you have the option of lugging around a toolbox, you might consider getting a waist nail apron. This item has a loop to hold your hammer and pockets for your other tools, including your tape measure, wrenches, and screw drivers. You can also find one that has bound edges to preserve the fabric, as well as reinforced bartacks.

Safety Glasses

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or are a pro at DIY projects, your safety should be your number one concern. Protecting your eyes is important to keep all matter of materials out. From dust and debris to a stray flying nail, safety googles will protect your eyesight and keep you safe.


You never know where your projects are going to take you. If you find yourself in a dark or dim area, then having an LED flashlight can be beneficial. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re working on and any problems that might arise during the process.

Finding the Right Tools

Every DIY job will require a different tool to be done properly. Before you start, find out exactly what you need and have it ready. There are some basic tools that will more than likely be used on every job, and having those around can make your life easier.






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