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Tools For Contractors


For general contractors, tools and supplies serve more than just a means to an end. These things are their lifeblood because without these contraption, they would lose their livelihood. Contractors are serious when it comes to their tools, supplies, and gears because they make a world of difference in ensuring a job gets done well, with good quality and with proper safely measures.

This is the primary reason why general contractors stay up to date regarding the latest trends. In the same token, they also put these tools to the ultimate test: long hours of use in a job site. Those who have several years of experience in the industry know there are numerous tools, but there are few that stand out. Here are some of the essentials that contractors carry on a daily basis:

Tools For Contractors

1. Swiss Army Knife

It doesn’t matter what kind of project you have, large, small, residential, or commercial, but wherever you may be, you’re going to need a handy Swiss army knife. With this handy gadget, you will always be ready for whatever circumstance life slaps your way.

A Swiss knife comes with a larger and small blade which you can use to cut wires and small pieces of metal. This knife can also have scissors, can opener, bottle opener, toothpick, tweezers, nail file, and more.

Tools For Contractors

Tool Bag

The contraptions vary depending on the brand you buy. This is perfect for the construction site and other outdoor adventures because it is somewhat like a complete survival tool for both urban and real wild environments.

2. Tape Measure

Tools For Contractors

Get measurements

Contractors carry a tape measure with them wherever they go. A tape measure may seem like a non-essential thing, but it is actually a critical component that gets many jobs done. If none of your projects are measured accurately, then things will fall into disarray because materials will not align, they will look haphazardly done, and they may fail structurally.

There are many things in a construction site that you just can’t eyeball and estimate. A handy tape measure is a vital portable measurement device that quantifies the size of an object or measures the distance between two objects. A contractor without a tape measure is like a doctor without his stethoscope.

3. Two-Way Radio

Contractors rely on two-way radios to keep in touch with their foreman. In a big construction site, it is impossible for the lead contractor to be in all areas at the same time. Typically, the big boss will rely on these radios between so he and his supervisors can be in constant communication. 

On top of that, some remote sites don’t have cellular signal, so this radio is the more reliable bet for keeping in touch. These gadgets are great for giving updates, relaying job orders, calling out for deliveries, and stating warnings. A construction site is so much safer when people can rely on the radio for giving each other a head’s up when things go awry.

Multiple radios can be hooked in one channel and many people can hear the same message all at the same time. During matters of emergency, timing is of the essence, and all you have to do is give a mayday call to alert everyone. Thankfully, this is one quality that the radio can readily address with a mere press of a button.

4. MultiMaster Tool

Tools For Contractors

Contractors typically carry a MultiMaster oscillating tool with a generous suite of attachments that can saw, sand, scrape paint, cut trims, and /or remove grout. This versatile tool is also convenient and portable as it comes contained in one carry-on box.

The ergonomic tool is easy to operate and can even be used in narrow or tight spots where a single-purpose tool would not be an asset but a liability. With this MultiMaster tool within easy access, work in a construction site is a lot easier to do.

5. Sawhorse and Vise

Tools For Contractors

Bench vise How it works

A saw horse and vise are both necessary tools in a construction site because they make cutting various types of materials doable and almost easy. From a full-sized door to a small six inch board, you can rest assured that your sawhorse and vise will work together to clamp the material securely to accommodate the job you need to get done. Some of these tools can even be folded down, so you can bring them anywhere you need to be.

6. Be Comfy &  Safe in Your Work Gear

The last but definitely not the least, general contractors are smart and experienced enough to know that they must never leave home without their eye goggles, hardhat, steel-toe boots, heavy duty gloves, and workers jacket. In a construction site, safety first!

Safety is always the number one priority in a dangerous work area that is full of sharp objects like nails, saw, screws, and the like. This busy site is prime spot where accidents happen. Thus, contractors come to work fully equipped with these daily work wear essentials to keep themselves safe and protected.






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