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What Is The Best Water Filter Pitcher? Learn About LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher

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Find Best Water Filter Pitcher & See Pitcher Comparisons

Levoit water filter

Levoit water filter

What is the best water filter pitcher?

Choosing the best water filter pitcher for your household is important if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from toxic contaminants and other forms of bacteria. While you may think that your water tastes and smells okay, the likelihood is, it still has a high level of contamination from a huge variety of chemicals and heavy metals.

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Even the most harmless particles can change the taste of your water, whether you’re consuming it by itself or in a brewed beverage. Chlorine removal is important.

Levoit Filter- Let Clean Water Come to You!

Levoit filter with a 5-layer filtration system (Upper Micro Net, Activated Carbon (2 layers), Ion-Exchange Resin, and Lower Micro Net), can remove chlorine, lead, pesticides, odors, heavy metals (such as cadmium, mercury, copper, aluminum ), and suspended particles effectively and can prevent bacterial growth. This 10 cup water filter pitcher with the electronic filter change indicator will bring better taste water to your whole family all the time!

  • Filter isn't designed to decrease water TDS. Low TDS means low dissolved matter, so essential elements like iodine, calcium, magnesium that are required in drinking water will be sacrificed.
  • 2/3/4-pack replacement filters are the most affordable filters. Replace the filter after 60 days of use, or after filtering 40-gallon water.
  • The spout lid will keep dust, bacteria, and other particles out when storing.

Filter Change Indicator

The bars signify the remaining filter life %. After about 60 days (or after filtering 40 gallons), it’ll be time to change the filter.

Stable Filtration Speed

Time has proved that Levoit filter with a best value always filters water at a stable speed and it will not clog or slow down.

Space-Saving Design

Easily store your Levoit pitcher in the refrigerator. Its slim profile helps it fit easily between food items, or on one of the shelves.

No More Bottles

One Levoit filter produces enough clean water to replace over 320 16-oz bottles. Drink clean while cutting down on single-use plastics.

Premium Material

Exquisite craft and sturdy material ensure "No leak, No crack and No black flecks ", fixed the main complains other leading brands have.

Better Water for the Family

Keep the whole house health. Totally trustworthy Levoit makes having filtered water in your home simple.

Drink Better Coffee & Tea

No more odors to taint your coffee or tea. Filtered water helps you preserve the taste of your beverages.

Real Reviews From Real Customers:

Richard B

5.0 out of 5 starsExactly what I was looking for...

March 8, 2019

Style Name: 1 PackVerified Purchase

I set out to find an alternative to one of the big name brands for filtered water pitchers. I read recent reports that some of the better-known brands weren't filtering out everything they promised. I'm not someone who gets super paranoid about my water, but still I wanted something that tasted good and a product that was reasonably priced. Problem solved. The water from this tastes really great to me and the pitcher is of good quality. It doesn't feel flimsy at all as past ones I've had from other brands. I also find that the replacement filters are reasonably priced which is always a consideration.


5.0 out of 5 starsMuch Better than Bottle Water

June 24, 2019

Style Name: 1 Pack Verified Purchase

I visited my brother in CT. He lives in an apartment and used bottle water because of the chlorine taste in his drinking city water. I purchased this LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher for him as a gift, along with three replacement filters. The pitcher was delivered the following day through Amazon one-day shipping. He unpacked it and had it filled with water in no time. When he drank the filtered water later on, he was amazed at the taste or lacked of. Even coffee tasted much better. He's very satisfy with the LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher and glad he doesn't have to purchase bottle water any longer. Good water filter. Buy it.

Do water filter pitchers remove bacteria?

Yes it does.
Not all filters are created equal. Different water filters have different functions. However, no single filter can remove all types of contaminants 100%.
Ceramic water filters or water filters that are rated to remove bacteria are a good choice as most will remove bacteria and also a wide range of other contaminants from your drinking water. For carbon filters to remove bacteria, they have to work with other physical and chemical components such as iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.

Best water filter pitcher

Best water filter pitcher

How do you clean a water filter pitcher?

1. Pour out any water, Take the pitcher apart, remove the filter, separate the lid and reservoir. Discard the filter (you should be doing this every two to six months, anyway).
2. Wash them, scrub the lid and reservoir with dish soap and warm water.
3. Clean the mildew if there is, using a mixture of one teaspoon white vinegar to one cup of water. Dip a sponge into the mixture, then use it to scrub off the mildew.
4. Rinse the lid, reservoir using clean water, then set upside down drying rack to air-dry.
5. Change filter if required. They come with manual on how to replace.
6. Reassemble everything by putting the pieces back together.

How To Mineralize Water?

iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water...
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 58, 6-Stage Alkaline Remineralization Layered Filtration: Exclusively designed to restore the natural alkalinity and mineral balance of water; this reliable and ultra-safe...
  • BENEFITS: The iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis water filter includes an additional sixth stage - an Alkaline Remineralization filter which restores healthy minerals and produces a balanced alkalinity,...
  • FEATURES: Beautiful European-Style kitchen faucet. Transparent 1st stage housing for easy visual inspection. Three extra long life pre-filters to remove large contaminants and protect RO membrane....

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Mineralizing water is very important to your health though the debate on health benefits of purified versus distilled water is a very hot. Water already has minerals in it, right? Well, yes but not after it’s been distilled or purified using reverse osmosis. Both of those processes remove most of the impurities from the water, up to 99.5%. The purification process removes the “good” minerals along with the bad stuff. It’s especially important to add minerals to Reverse Osmosis (RO), distilled, and even some purified bottled waters.

1. Add a some Celtic or Himalayan Salt to Your Water

Celtic sea salt adds about 80 different vital trace minerals to your water.

2. Use Mineral Drops or Tablets to Re-Mineralize Your Water

There are actually commercial drops that you can use to add the minerals back in to your water. One brand is ConcenTrace and another is Sea MD.

3. Buy a Reverse Osmosis System that Re-Mineralizes for You

They are available at Home Depot and other home improvement and hardware stores. You can buy under-cabinet systems for your sinks, showers and fridge and they’re fairly affordable. Read below for under the sink reverse osmosis system.

4. Use a water bottle that filters and infuses your water with ionic minerals

Last update on 2021-08-11 at 02:04 PST - Details

LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher in Short & Sweet

10 Cup Large Water Purifier(BPA-Free) with Electronic Filter Indicator, 5-Layer Filtration for Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals and Odor, 2-Year Warranty, White.

LEVOIT Water Filter Features:

  • 5-layer filtration system
  • Eletronic filter change indicator
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Space-efficient design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Spout lid
  • Premium material
  • Tick marks

Water filter pitcher lists

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