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Summer is not all about heading to the beach and enjoying the tides or a barbecue or two. It is a great time to knock off a few things from your summer home maintenance checklist. Doing so will ensure that your home functions properly and has a healthy living environment. Not only will that, but doing so also boost the value of your home. Gutter Cleaning Portland by Rip City Roof Cleaning

However, some people may argue that summer is a time to lay back and relax, not for doing household chores that you have avoided doing in the winter. Why would you do something on a hot day that you didn’t even consider doing in the winter?

Regular maintenance is a necessity when someone is a homeowner. They don’t have the luxury of a landlord coming and fixing things for them. Everything is in the homeowner’s hands. Whether it be a leaky drain pipe or a clogged up toilet, if you don’t address the issue on time, chances are your home will decrease in value, or even get knocked down, in some extreme cases. It is usually expensive to fix broken things. Consistent home maintenance, while everything is functional, will allow you to spend less rather than fixing something completely broken. If you want to know home some maintenance tips, then you have come to the right place. Today in this article, we will share seven home maintenance tips that everyone should know for the summers.


A generator is a piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance to work efficiently for you for running your home essentials, like your kitchen, laundry, and lighting. The prolonged use of a generator can cause problems to its exhaust system, electrical system, fuel system, and engine or can develop leakages overtime. As with any combustion engine, you have to look after your generator just like you would your car. A perfect place to start would be to check for low levels of engine oil. Use the dipstick provided with your generator to know if the engine oil is at the required level. If the engine oil is low, top it off. Also, don’t forget its battery. If the battery has discharged over time, use a car battery charger to charge it.

If you want your generator to run as efficiently as possible, make sure you give all its systems a thorough clean. A dirty generator will provide less power and can completely break down if not maintained properly. If you don’t know how to do it yourself or your generator is beyond repair, go to this site, and buy a new one with the best pricing.



As summer is a disastrous season for people who have allergies, it is good to clean soft furnishing inside your house as they trap allergens. Soft furnishings such as rugs, carpets, and upholstery are the most susceptible to trapping such airborne allergens. Depending on what room experiences the most foot traffic inside your house, you should clean your soft furnishing inside that room every six months.

Use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter to allow more efficient cleaning of the furnishings. A traditional vacuum cleaner usually expels dust and allergens back in the room, while a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter trams around ninety percent of allergens in the filter. If you cannot do it yourself, then hiring a professional carpet cleaning service will be a good idea.



A windows job is to provide you a view of the outside and allow let to come into your home. As such, they must be as clean as possible. Also, dirty windows make a house look old from the outside as well as the inside. So get ready to give your windows the cleaning they deserve this summer. A DIY method of cleaning your windows is mixing one part vinegar with two parts water. Then using a squeegee, dipping it in the solution, and slowly cleaning your windows to avoid streaking. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire house cleaning services to take care of it. Also, don’t forget to replace the window screens to avoid bugs from getting inside.



Give your AC a boost by changing your window and door seals this summer.

Window and door seal can become worn out and need replacement from time to time. These worn out or faulty seals can cause your air conditioner to work less efficiently and contribute to a significant increase in the electricity bill. Inspect all your windows and doors for damaged seals. If you find any, immediately replace them or recall the area.



Give your fridge the love it deserves by cleaning it out to run smoothly this summer. A dirty fridge functions less efficiently than a clean one. It can contribute to an increase in your electricity bill. The main culprit of an efficiently working fridge is a dirty condenser coil. A dirty condenser coil can make the fridge work harder to cool the item inside it, increasing the chances of breaking down. A DIY method would be to clean your fridge’s condenser coil with a mixture of detergent and water. Also, don’t forget to give your fridge a deep clean from the inside. It is something you must do this summer to ensure that all your beverages remain cold for you to drink during a hot summer day.



Summer storms usually leave leaves and debris that might clog your gutters, making it difficult for them to remove moisture from your house. If you wish to avoid flooding, mold, and mildew from occurring, give your gutters and downspouts a clean this summertime. A perfect place to start would be at the nearest downspout and cleaning leaves that may have been clogging. After cleaning the downspouts and the gutters, rinse them with water to remove any excess leaves or dirt that might be left behind.



The most anxiety-giving question about summer home maintenance is how to take care of that dirty deck? Decks, if not made from high-quality synthetic wood, can wither away and look ugly over time. However, a little tender, love, and care can go a long way. A good idea would be to scrub or sweep any decks, porches, and patios around the house. Make use of a putty knife to clean cracks, crevices, the spaces between the boards, or any unreachable areas with a scrubber or a broom. After thoroughly cleaning, apply a fresh coat of sealer or stain to give your deck a new look. If you feel that this task is difficult for you, consider hiring a professional to take care of it.



You may not be able to complete every home maintenance task this summer. However, you should do the easier ones first and then get to the difficult ones. Home maintenance is necessary if you wish to have a comfortable summertime this year. Today, we have shared with you seven home maintenance tips that everyone should follow this summer. The next time you find some free time on your hands this summer, consider giving your home the love it deserves by following these seven home maintenance tips.







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