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7 Home Repairs You Need To Make This Summer

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Home improvement

Home improvement

So, the daunting task of spring cleaning is over. Now, you just want to sit back with your margaritas and host Sunday barbecues all summer. Except, your home needs looking after at regular intervals. Like a human body, a home needs regular checks and maintenance to keep you cozy. The good news - when done regularly, home repairs aren’t a tedious task. Here is a list of 7 simple home repairs that you must undertake this summer so you can bask under the sun, literally. 

7 Must-Do Summer Home Repairs

Putting your air-conditioning unit through its annual maintenance routine is the most obvious one, here. And most air-conditioning maintenance jobs are pretty DIY. Clean the coils of your unit and check the filter for accumulated debris. If you can see a lot of dust clogging your unit, hire a professional to pressure-wash it. However, there is more to summer home repairs than just routine maintenance of your air-conditioning unit. 


1. Fix your exteriors

Ventilation is crucial during summer months to keep your pad cool and comfortable. Inspect your exhaust vents and roof louvers. Check if any vegetation or debris is blocking them. Similarly, check for any debris clogging your gutters. Fix the downspouts, if necessary, such that they are taking drainage away from your property. 

Summer is also a good time for any paint jobs and caulking. Sealants adhere better in warmer months. Check if your doors and windows need caulking to keep moisture out. 


2. Reseal your pool decks and porches

Get your decks and porches in top shape for hosting weekend barbecues. Often, a clammy spring can speed up rotting and cracking. Joists and beams are good places to check for rotting. Walk around your deck and see if any boards are heaving. Sharp changes in weather can cause sinking boards, which give your deck an uneven feel. Such boards need to be replaced. 

Inspect if your deck needs resealing, too. Decks made from cedar wood need regular resealing compared to those made from concrete or composite wood. Irrespective of the material, definitely give your deck a good power wash before getting the grills out.  


3. Clean your pool

Before you send invites for your first summer pool party, clean it thoroughly. Check for any leaks and see that all the pumps are functioning the way they should. During the course of the summer, clean your filter basket at regular intervals and keep an eye on the pH levels. It is also a good idea to clean the sides of the pool once every month to minimize algae growth. 


4. Tend to your garden

Summertime is a good time to bring your lawnmower out. Do not cut your grass too short, though. Doing so will expose it to weeds and you don’t want that. Check that your sprinklers are working in top condition. Your plants will need extra water from the sprinklers after the rain spells of spring. Check for clogged sprinklers. Use high-pressure water to remove debris from clogged sprinklers. Replace leaky sprinklers to reduce wastage of water. 

If your sprinklers are not throwing around water with enough pressure, there could be a problem with your underground pipes. It is best to call the plumber in such cases.


5. Replace air filters 

Your furnace’s air filter keeps out dust and pollen out of your rooms. Check if it needs to be replaced. While your furnace’s air filter is important, there are other filters around your house that need inspection, too. This includes your dishwasher, air conditioner, and even your hot tub.   


6. Reseal your driveway

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, your driveway will need repairs from time to time. Driveways are prone to cracks with changes in weather as the water cools down and expands. Asphalt driveways are more prone to cracking because of their softer consistency. The good news is, resealing an asphalt driveway is an easy DIY project. For concrete driveways, though, you will need professional help.  


7. Protect against pests

Your house can also be home to termites, mice, roaches, ants, and other infestations, if you are not careful. Summer is, possibly, a good time to check for and fix infestations. Seal any openings through which rodents and mice can get in. Drainage holes in bathrooms are a good example. If you notice termite infestation, call for expert help. The average cost for pest control in the US is about $675. That is definitely a sizable chunk of money but unchecked termite infestation can wreak havoc on your furniture. If termites have already done their deed, consider replacing your furniture. Home of Cozy is the best place for unbiased reviews of top furniture brands. 

While you are undertaking those essential home repairs, check your emergency toolkit, too. With erratic weather patterns becoming the norm, you never know when you might need it. 







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