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Home Security 101: Every Important Aspect You Need To Know

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Your home’s security is your #1 responsibility. Do you know how to keep it secure, protected, and safe at all times? Here is how.

In Victoria, three homes get broken into every single hour. If you have your home security figured out, this will not be a cause of concern to you at all. If you don’t have one set-up yet, you need not worry as home security can be had easily. With it, your family and home will be safe and secured at all times.

Total home safety is now easy with modern tools for home security. To know every essential thing about it to enable you to better provide protection and security for your home and your family, do read on. We gathered everything that you need to know about home security to help you choose which tools and mechanisms will work best for your unique security needs and budget.

Home security: what is it?

Home security involves the use of different tools and methods to ensure the safety of your home and prevent intrusion. It encompasses every single security aspect in your home, from the locks on your doors to sensor lights, alarms, and CCTC cameras. If a tool can be used to secure the safety of your personal private space, it is an aspect of home security.


CCTV vs Alarm Systems

A CCTV system and an alarm system are two of the most popular security systems that you can have installed. You can install it by yourself after doing extensive research or you can have it installed by professional security experts.


A CCTV system works with the use of video cameras. Such video cameras are installed around your home’s premises to record activity 24/7. CCTV systems do not alert owners of any intrusion, they just capture every single action. Such captures can be conveniently reviewed in case of intrusion. Their apparent presence deter intruders as they get alerted that should they do anything, all their actions will be recorded and they can be easily traced.

An intruder alarm system has detection devices. Detection devices can vary from reed switches to motion detectors. Such devices are connected to a control panel that gets activated whenever sudden movement is detected. It then sets off an alarm to duly notify owners when they’re asleep or when they’re not home.

The magnetic contacts installed on doors and windows are called reed switches. They set of an alarm whenever its magnetic contact is broken. This happens when a door or window is opened when homeowners are not around or when they’re fast asleep. Such an alarm can be directly handled by security units or police authorities in special cases.

Once an alarm sets off, the intruder will automatically know that he or she has been detected. The alarm notifies not just authorities but the surrounding neighborhood. If it is connected to surveillance unit providers, its monitoring centre will also be on alert and notify both the owner and the authorities.

Intruder alarm systems are effective in deterring theft and burglary as it triggers panic upon intruders. Upon alarm, intruders always go out of their way to rush out of your home. If you’d set up an alarm system, choose one that is monitored. Unmonitored ones will only make noise and not alert you or the authorities.


Back-to-base Alarm-system Monitoring

This system works closely with a 24-hour monitoring center. All alarm set-offs are automatically reported to a central base that duly notifies homeowners and police authorities.

A monitoring center is manned 24/7 for 365 days. They serve as distant security guards that automatically go into action whenever an alarm sets off.


CCTV Surveillance

A CCTV surveillance system enables the digital recording and real-time monitoring of all actions inside and outside of your home. A digital recorder and a monitoring screen are central to this system.

This system allows homeowners to view their homes in real-time. With the advancement of technology, such real-time monitoring can now be done through a computer or one’s smartphone. Such captures can be conveniently reviewed and replayed should any criminal act or intrusion take place. CCTV captures are accepted as valid evidence of a crime in court hearings.

CCTV systems can effectively deter intruders but it’s best that you also have an intruder alarm system. This is to ensure that instant notification can be had the moment that any intrusion takes place.




You can easily install complete home security by yourself. Numerous products that allow this are now available in the market. However, you need to ensure that you do due research and quality check on every single item.

If you have particular needs for a home security system, you can contact professionals that can do everything for you. People that want help in installing CCTV systems in Perth can contact Smart Security. Smart Security is Perth’s leading provider of top-notch 8 MP security cameras that can clearly capture everything. Their friendly experts can do the entire planning, strategic placement, set-up, and installation for you.


Prioritize Home Security

Today’s technology now allows all to fully be in control of the safety and security of their homes. You are 100% responsible for the safety and security of your family and home so you should do everything within your power to provide peace of mind and tranquil living. You owe it to your family. You owe it to yourself.







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