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Things To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

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things to consider when renovating bathroom

things to consider when renovating bathroom

Home renovations are a daunting process, especially when we are talking about bathroom renovations. There are many things that you need to consider when renovating your bathroom. Space needs to be hyper-functional, practical, and serene.

On top of that, renovating your bathroom is an expensive process where even small mistakes take cost you a lot of money and time. That is why you need to plan the process thoroughly and keep an eye on the small details that we will mention in this article.

Don’t Underestimate the Cost of Bathroom Renovation

A lot of people underestimate the cost of their bathroom renovations which results in unfinished projects and sometimes even making it worse than it was. Do you think that remodeling your bathroom will cost you a couple of thousand dollars?

We hate to tell you but the average cost of bathroom renovations 3 years ago was around $11,000 and now it might cost you even more than that.

Small renovations with cheap materials will cost you from $1,500 to $5,000 and if you want the top of the line from tip-to-toe renovation, the price goes up to $23,000 and even more.

That is why it is important to start with a realistic budget and plan things thoroughly in order to avoid running out of money in the middle of the process.


 Plan Your Lighting

When it comes to home renovations, some people don’t realize that some processes must go in order. For example, if you want to install lights in your bathroom, you need to plan them before you start laying down tiles and mirrors.

The simplest way to light a bath is by using a single light in the center of the ceiling. However, if you want to make a statement with clever lighting solutions, you need to plan the process ahead and make sure you consult with your constructor.


Accessible Outlets

One of the worst nightmares is getting to the end of a renovation process and forgetting to consider the outlets. In order to determine the placement of the outlets, you need to think about what type of electronic appliances you would use. 

For example, you need an outlet in front of the mirror for your hairdryer, electric toothbrush charring, and etc. Additionally, you’ll need an outlet for your washing machine (if you decide to place it in your bathroom).

In order to achieve a modern look, try to hide outlets by installing them inside mini cabinets.


Choosing Tiles

Choosing the best tiles for your bathroom can be an overwhelming process just because you cannot decide which tile to go for. It is important to note that you’ll get a different impression if you look at one singular tile design and placing the same tile in your bathroom.

To avoid this problem you should forget the countless samples that your contractor shows you and focus only on few key varieties that work best for every bathroom. You should focus on porcelain, glass, stone, cement, natural, and subway tile.

All of these options are long-wearing and timeless pieces that will highlight your bathroom for a long time.


Don’t Forget About Bathroom Storage

You can probably spot a pattern in every tip we mention in this article and it is about planning ahead. There is no point in creating a sleek and modern bathroom design without any storage. Your bathroom will be cluttered with many things and look very bad no matter what kind of materials you used in your renovation.

You need to find out smart and well-functioning storage solutions that won’t use too much of your space. Try to go for space that is already occupied with another thing (for example under the sink).


Final Words

Bathroom renovation is a huge process, especially if you need to rebuild the entire water installation. It is important to find a constructor and talk about all the things you need to change. Make sure that you are on the same page with your constructor and that the company understands your budget and needs.

If all things go well, you’ll be able to renovate your bathroom in few days without running into significant problems. The entire process isn’t as complicated as people think it is.

After all, even LeBron James, who is often mentioned in TwinSpires Edge NBA Trade Rumors, renovated the entire bathroom on the show Rehab Addict not by hiring a constructor, but by getting his hands dirty.



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