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9 House Repairs You Have To Make Before Selling

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old home repairs

old home repairs

It’s easy to miss any wear and tear in your house. However, once you inspect it prior to selling it, the overall condition of your property becomes more apparent.

If there are many things you have to fix in your house to make it appealing to potential homebuyers, you should be wise about which home repairs to prioritize. It’s because not all repairs can help you boost your home’s value and sell it quickly.

Whether you want to hire a real estate agent for the home sale or sell your house Southaven to cash buyers, below are the repairs you can consider making before selling:

1. Get Rid Of Water Stains

For buyers, water stains suggest that there could be some pesky issues hidden beneath the surface of your house. This is why it’s essential to find a way to eliminate water stains before selling your home.

Hire a plumber to check your drainage or plumbing system for leaks to ensure that the root of the problem is identified; this would prevent the situation from coming up again. Take note, however, that diverting rainwater from your foundation and repairing leaking pipes can be costly. Also, replacing water-stained ceilings may increase your expenses. Even so, it’s worth it compared to losing out on a good sale. Quick and Efficient Water Bore and Reticulation Perth Residents Need.


2. Fix Damaged Flooring

Tired linoleum, scratched wood flooring, or old carpets can make your house look outdated. If you have any of those, buyers might take the time to view your home, but you can’t expect them to consider it for their final decision. Therefore, make sure to call a flooring professional to fix any issues or install a durable floor.

You can start by replacing what’s already worn out. Most buyers don’t like to deal with the task of replacing the carpets, and if you think giving a floor or carpet allowance would suffice, it’s not always attractive enough.

If your house has hardwood floors, opt for a refinishing service. Although it’s pricey, it can help you recoup the money you’ve spent since most buyers are willing to invest in properties with quality hardwood flooring.


3. Address Plumbing Issues

Water stains, leaking faucets, and dripping toilets are some of the common plumbing problems that may dull a buyer’s interest in your property. Generally, kitchens and bathrooms have a big impact on someone’s buying decision, so repairs in such rooms are crucial.

Use a sealant to fix minor leaks and replace any old or faulty taps. Renew the caulking around your sinks and toilets, and get new toilet seats if necessary. If you have old, moldy shower curtains, remove them to improve your bathroom’s appearance.


4. Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Typically, there are certain aspects of a home that when left untouched will expose your property's true condition. For instance, if the wall paint is already old and has started fading, it’s advisable to apply a fresh coat to give it a new look and liven up your space.

However, as much as you want to choose unique colors for your house, you should choose based on what most buyers prefer. For this reason, opt for neutral hues. They can help stage your home as they invite innovation and creativity. Using colors like gray can also make your home more calming and spacious.

5. Repair Your Doors And Windows

If you think that selling a house with creaking windows and outdated doors is easy, think again. Most buyers quickly notice malfunctioning doors or windows. In fact, those are a major turnoff for them, so never leave them broken or damaged. Before you place your home on the market, repair or replace them to ensure that your buyers will like your property.

roofing contractors

roofing contractors

6. Update Your Home Exterior

Apart from repainting the exterior of your home, there are other ways to improve its look. For instance, you can focus on landscaping work such as getting rid of dead shrubs and trees. You’re free to hire landscaping professionals or maintain the lawn yourself. Depending on what’s appropriate in your area or neighborhood, you may follow any of the current home improvement trends on landscaping.


7. Inspect Your Roof

More often than not, your roof may not require extensive repair. You may not even need to do anything to it before you sell your home, unless its condition is awful.

To know whether you should fix your roof, work with a trusted roofing expert to search for any structural flaws in your roof. This won’t only help you address roofing problems at once but also allow you to become aware of signs of water damage, which should be fixed quickly before you sell your home

A proper roof inspection prior to a home sale puts you in control of the situation. If your roof is in good condition, it’ll be a huge relief for prospective buyers. Therefore, even if it’s an extra expense to request a professional roof inspection, it’ll ultimately be advantageous for you.

8. Check The Electrical System

Buyers don’t want to deal with electrical flaws of any sort. Minor electrical faults aren’t expensive to fix, so be sure to check for faulty power outlets, blown lights, and damaged wirings that can be fixed right away.

Keep in mind that most buyers try to turn on the lights during inspections or viewings. Having a reliable electrical system can help you get a good outcome when you put your home up for sale.

9. Replace Old Lighting

Another house repair to prioritize is replacing your old lighting fixtures. Doing so can make a big difference to your home’s visual appeal, regardless of your budget.

When upgrading your home’s lighting, keep the colors consistent with your home décor. You may also combine tones such as chrome, copper, and oiled bronze. If you still have old brass fixtures that look dated, replace them with more modern options.



It’s never a wise thing to leave repairs to buyers. This is particularly true if you want to get the highest possible amount for your house.

If you want to have a quick sale but your property’s in a deplorable condition, carry out any of the repairs discussed above before selling. You don’t need to spend a lot; just focus on what matters the most, and choose repairs that’ll do more than beautify your home. If possible, select those that’ll help keep your house in tip-top shape for years and improve its value.







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