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How Clean & Sanitise Your Refrigerator

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repair a fridge

repair a fridge

Sanitize Your Refrigerator 

Most people like to keep their kitchen, But if you need a 2nd fridge then you can put your fridge in your basement. Because it saves your space. However it's not the main point. Cleaning your Refrigerator with proper sanitization is not a daunting task. The refrigerator sanitization process is the after process of completing all cleaning steps. This is just a step to avoid germs & other affected bacteria from foods & appliances. To make sure proper sanitization, you can use one tablespoon liquid bleach. Don't apply it directly. Pour into one gallon of water then mix it properly. You can use a spray container to reach all the spaces properly. 

To complete this sanitization step easily, you should separate all the removable parts of your Refrigerator. Make sure that you are not using this chemical inside of the fridge. It can be the reason for people's illnesses. 

Cleaning process of Refrigerator

Probable things you may need to clean - out

I want to recommend you put together all these materials near to hand before start refrigerator cleaning. 

  •  Trash bags
  •  Rubber / disposable gloves
  •  A cooler
  •  Cleaning solution
  •  A Dobie Pad, rags or paper towels, sponges
  •  Microfiber cloths


Taking out everything & prepare the stage area

To make anything successful, you should control your temptation. It can save your time & help you to avoid specific hazards. You should turn off your refrigerator power supply line. Then open the doors to make the ice jamming free. Leaving for a few minutes in this way, your task will be more accessible & comfortable. 

When you can see that the ice started melting, you can easily take out all the food items & the Refrigerator's removable parts. Make a clean & hygienic place to store them all. Divide them into two parts. Food items & removable parts of the Refrigerator. 


Remove all foodstuffs

Remove all foodstuffs with a piece of clean microfiber cloth. Make sure that the cloth is not a wooly piece of cloth. Or it will make your Refrigerator dirtier. Check the perishable items

That can spoil the tossy things. Weed out all-new rooting or moldy things. 


Find out spills & stains.

After taking out all foodstuffs, you should find out the refrigerators stains & spills made with food juice, meatloaf, fish blood, etc. If you frequently clean your Refrigerator, like weekly or two times, it will make the deep cleaning method easy. As first as you can check out all the stains & spills, you can take action first. 


Scrub on stubborn stains & spills

Light spills or stains are easy to clean with soft, warm soapy water or mild detergent. But if it is the stains of long days old, it is not easy to take out. Apply scrubbing trick with warm water, white vinegar, & lemon juice. Spray this liquid on that spot & brush with a soft toothbrush. Never use any metal things to clean your Refrigerator. It will make a crack spot on the cover or the metal body of your fridge. 

Complete this scrubbing with this solution, apply plain water to remove the chemical smell from your fridge's inside area. You can apply plain water with lemon juice to have a lemon flavor. 


Let it dry

Take a soft dry cloth to wipe out all the remaining water inside the Refrigerator. You can apply open air to make the parts of the Refrigerator dry. But this will kill your time. If you have enough time to make it dry with running air, then leave the parts for a while. It will give you the best result instead of using a cloth to dry up. 


Create cool weather

Never try to put all the items back after completing the cleaning process. Take time to turn on the power button of the Refrigerator. Keep all the parts of the Refrigerator back. Please wait a minute to make it in a more relaxed condition than the room condition. When you feel that your Refrigerator's inner side is more relaxed than the external condition, it is the best time to store all the food items inside the fridge shelves. If you don't follow these tricks to store your food items, you can feel a bad smell after opening your fridge's doors.


Final thought

We would like to know the whole method of cleaning & sanitizing your Refrigerator within these short descriptions. Read this article carefully to learn all details step by step. If you have any further questions, then contact us or visit our homepage.







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