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How Contractors Protect Their Homes From Roof Leaks

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fixing roof

fixing roof

Each season of the year has its peculiar features which are advantageous or disadvantageous to different people. Well, whichever one you prefer, nature made it balanced such that there will always be times and seasons to regulate man’s activities and for the prosperity of life.  

Conventionally, April is remarkably known for heavy downpour; characterized by frequent windy and gloomy weather. The storms accompanied by this temperature, usually make everywhere messy, especially the roof; thereby leading to roof leaks. This can, in turn, cause a lot of damages to our belongings and sometimes to life. 

So the big plan would be for you to learn and practice how to protect our homes from roof leaks during the April showers. And below are six ways from this roofing company that shows how you can do that. 

6 ways to protect a roof against leaks.


Be Proactive Before the Rainy Season

You should always carry out roof maintenance procedures especially if you have shingles in all seasons, and you should be extra cautious about this during the spring. Such maintenance procedures include clearing of drainages, trimming overhanging branches, an annual roof inspection by a professional, and so on.


Be Observant to Any Water Stains On Your Wall

It is also important to look out for signs of moisture on your walls or edges of your ceiling from the inside of your house. This can be visible after dews, drizzle, or light showers that usually come with the rainy season. This, when found in your home, is a sign that your roof already has a hole or is becoming too weak that it can’t protect your home from water splash. In a case where low-quality building materials are used, the wall paint will begin to peel and fall off. So the moment you notice such changes on the wall, get a roofing professional to check and possibly patch the area or change it entirely as the case may be.  


Replace your roof when it gets old

 Roofs tend to wear off due to old age. Not only this, they age faster because of their direct contact with the sun, strong winds, and the impact of the heavy downpour on them.  Another factor that causes roof aging is the quality of the roofing sheet and the duration of its guarantee by production. These days, there are more quality roofing sheets than what we had before and they are designed in a slant triangular shape. This design protects roofs from logged water and impending aging. Not to mention the less impact from the rain on it, as the water splashes down rather than settling on top. By and large, always check and change your roof when it’s old or cracked because If you leave it, it will keep expanding.


Ensure Proper Roof Drainage

Having proper drainage can save your roof from leaks.  Houses on a slope can easily drain out water after rainfall and as such avoid water from accumulating at the base of the roof. However, if that's not the case with the location of your home you can always rely on your roof's gutter to drain the water on your roof. On that note, you should keep your gutters neat and free from any blockage. As roof leaks are a sure consequence of gutter blockages  


Take Care of Your Chimney.

Having a fireplace is good to keep your home warm during cold weather. However, chimney maintenance should not be neglected so as not to be a weak point to your roof. The flashing around the fireplace can become loose with time due to pressure from the heat. When this happens, it could lead to cracks on the roof and subsequently lead to leaks. Therefore as a protective measure, always ensure that your chimney is properly hooded. 


Avoid any obstruction on the Roof

While using trees as windbreaks, note that you shouldn’t allow them to cause damage to your roof -which they do when they are too close to your roof. On that note, you should always ensure that the branches of the trees around your house are constantly trimmed. Yes, the trees can serve as windbreak and shade for your home -not to forget that they beautify the home- but the shaded leaves or branches on the roof can obstruct the flow of water into your gutter during and after rainfall. And when this happens, it may lead to roof leaks and may cause your roof sheet to rot.  

In conclusion, the importance of having a good roof above our head is for the shelter and the preservation of our lives and property. When we proactively carry out the above-mentioned precautionary measures, we will save not just our roofs but our homes from damage by rainfall.