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How Do You Cook On An Electric Coil Stove?

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electric coil stove

electric coil stove

I have been cooking on the electric coil stove for many years since my childhood. People would ask me- How do you cook on an electric coil stove?

Cooking on an electric stove isn’t something easy that you will learn only after doing it for 2-3 times. You need experience, careful attention, and knowledge about how it actually works. We also had a gas stove that is easy to use for me. But I always want to show my creativity that is hard to use.

How Do You Cook on an Electric Coil Stove?

Electric stoves are a little bit heavy than other stoves. These burners require lots of time to get heated as well as to cool down. So it becomes a painful thing as you can’t change the heat immediately when your foods are burning.

However, there are some latest electric coil stoves which are much more comfortable to use than the old-fashioned ones. But old models are not obsoleted yet if you know how to use them.

I used some tactics with a little bit of creativity so that I can cook like cooking on a gas stove. Whenever people ask me how do you cook on an electric coil stove, I try to tell some basic tips and tricks. I am going to share some tips and tricks from my experience that you can use to cook on an electric coil stove.


Show careful attention, especially when you are using it for the first time.

I still clearly remember I burnt my foods when I used it for the first time. I believe many of you also had experiment the same thing. Unlike the gas stove, you can’t see the flame or smell gas from your electric stove. Some latest electric stoves include a light indicator to notify you whether your burner is still hot or not. But this feature isn’t available in old-school electric stoves.  


Check the burner condition by touching it.

If you are in doubt whether the burner is hot or cold, touch the burner multiple times. You will feel heated if it is hot.  Plus, the burner will appear in bright red when it is hot. But it isn’t easy to tell by seeing when it isn’t actively heating.


Make 100% sure always that you turn off all your burners.

It is better to give extra attention to whether you actually turn off all the burners. But there is nothing to worry about as it will become your habit when you are used to it. 


Preheating is a perfect choice for electric stoves.

From my experience, I can say that the burner needs a minimum of fifteen minutes to heat up properly. Preheating will make your cooking task easier before prepping your food.  You may turn on your burner first and start to chopping vegetables. When you are finished chopping your vegetables, your burner will become hot enough to cook the food.


Use an oven for some special pan that needs preheat.

Whenever you want to preheat something like a cast-iron skillet, you can put it inside your oven before 20 to 30 minutes to get the heat up. You can use 350 degrees Fahrenheit oven to heat the special pan and put it out when you are ready to cook your food.


Make sure to keep the coil always neat and clean.

Coils are often hard to clean. The burner may become dusty when you don’t use them frequently. It is better to use a package of ceramic burner covers to protect the burners from dust when you don’t use it for a long time.


Use an electric kettle to heat up the water.

When you have a busy schedule, you don’t want to spend much time just boiling water. Right? You can use your electric kettle to heat up the water first because the electric stove needs lots of time to get heated. So put the already heated water on the electric stove and boil the water first. It will save you a lot of time.


Make sure the pot you are using is plain at the bottom.

If your pot or pan isn’t perfectly flat on the bottom, you may notice an unsteady movement from side to side when the heat transfer to the surface contact.


Put a balance in temperature when cooking your food.

Don’t make the temperature too high or too low quickly when cooking food. You need to gradually increase or decrease the temperature to maintain a balance and adjust it. In that sense, you can properly distribute the heat. For example, if you put the highest setting to cook soup at the very beginning, the soup will boil over and become excessively hot.    


Throw the food directly on top of the burner.

Some foods like fish, eggplant need open flamed and charred over properly to cook. Instead of using any pot for preparing them, you can directly cook the food on top of the burner. Don’t worry about getting burnt the food. Instead of that, your food will normally taste better without any bitterness while giving similar smoky.


Use two burners to lower the heat immediately.

Sometimes you need to lower the heat instantly from high heat. When you cook rice or homemade caramel, you need to give proper attention so that these foods don’t get burnt. However, jumping rapidly from a high heat to low heat, especially for the electric coil can be a daunting task. To solve this problem, you can use two burners at the same time.

Set one burner in high temperature and another one in low. It will make your job easier to move one burner to another burner seamlessly. So your food will be safe, and you will save your time. Double-check the burners to turn them off once the cooking task is completed.


Final Thought

Cooking on an electric coil stove isn’t as harder as you thought once you get used to it. Gas and electric stove both have advantages and disadvantages. However, which one you will choose depends on your personal opinion and preference.

After discussing all the hacks, tricks, and tips, now I am damn pretty sure, you already thinking of buying or willing to use your electric coil stove.

If anyone asks you how do you cook on an electric coil stove, just share your experience and tips that I have already mentioned. Hopefully, now you will able to manage your electric coil stove properly and cook tasty food for your partner.



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